Yorkshire Terrier



The Yorkshire terrier is a small toy sized dog that is commonly referred to as the Yorkie. This dog has a small head that is rather flat at the top. The muzzle of the dog is medium in size in comparison with other toy dogs. The nose of the dog is always black in color. The dog has medium sized eyes that are held in the eye sockets that are round and have black sockets. The eyes are always dark. The color variation of the eyes is dependent on the color coat of the dog. All the legs of the dog are straight and equal in size. As a result, he dog has a level top line. Common practice is to remove the dewclaws of the dog when it is four days old. The tail is normally docked by half its length as it is carried over the back and is needed to ensure that the dog looks proportionate all through. It is however important to note that the docking of the tail has been outlawed across Europe and most countries around the world through legislation.


The dog has a fine short haired glossy coat that lies close to the body. Common coat colors of this dog include brown, tan and black. A tricolor arrangement is also possible. The characteristic thing about the Yorkshire terrier is that it has a lot of hair on the head that it ought be held in place to ensure that it does not get into the food where it may contaminate the food with dirt. This hair can be trimmed on a regular basis. Average height of the Yorkie is – 7 inches while the average weight is 7 pounds.


The Yorkie is a dog that loves to explore and is outgoing, its small size notwithstanding. It loves to socialize and is exited whenever it meets a new visitor. When it comes to socialization, it is common practice that you must always be the dog’s pack leader. Pack leader status to the Yorkie is an important thing that is shown through proper leadership. Good leadership allows the dog to see that you can manage it well and that it can follow your prompts. It is however important to note that failure in leadership makes this dog acquire the Small Dog Syndrome where it assumes pack leader status and with this, the dog does whatever it wants whenever it ants.

The Yorkie is a very clever dog and loves to learn. This makes training classes quite easy and the dog enjoys learning new things. One challenge that owners is the Yorkie may face is that it is a very difficult dog to housebreak. Patience and consistency in house training is needed.

Health Problems

The Yorkie is prone to bronchitis, slipped stifle, tooth decay and digestion problems


This dog has relatively high mortality rates throughout life and it can be attributed to the fact that it is a very delicate breed. It lives for 12 – 15 years.


A weekly combing of the dog is sufficient as it has a short coat of hair.


The Yorkie came from England as a dog that could catch mice in industries infested with the mice. It is thought to be a relative of the Dandie Dinmont, the Manchester terrier and the Maltese.

It was recognized by the AKC in 1885.