Wire Fox Terrier



As the name suggests, the wire fox terrier has a wiry hair on its skin coat. This terrier is a medium sized dog that has a flat skull and with the eyes being of moderate size. The dog has a small muzzle that tapers down to a black nose. The teeth of the dog should meet in a scissors bite. The eyes of the dog have black rims around them. The ears are V shaped and drop close to the cheeks.

The neck of the dog is thick and muscular. The legs of the Wire fox terrier are that it has a tail that is set high up above the top line. This tail in most standards is recommended to be cropped to ensure that the dog looks symmetrical. This practice has however been legislated against in most parts of Europe.


The dog has a wiry coat which is dense and has its hairs intertwining each other that it makes it quite difficult to groom it. The undercoat is however made up of soft hair as opposed to the wire hair that is tough on the outer coat. The coat of this dog is generally white with black or even brown markings. Average height is 14 – 16 inches while the average weight is 15 – 20 pounds.


The wire haired fox terrier is a dog that is seen as both bold and enthusiastic. It is also fun loving and very cheerful, especially when outdoors where it loves to play. This is a good family dog and enjoys spending a lot of time with family members. It is advisable that this dog ought not to be left alone with non canine pets as it will by instinct hunt them down. Leash training is one of the best ways to control the dog to ensure they do not misbehave.

Through training for this dog makes it a very good dog that can follow through the prompts of their owners. This dog can also learn several tricks as it is very intelligent. As this dog has been bred as a hunting dog, it is very important that its animal instincts are satisfied. A 30 minute walk is sufficient to meet the dog’s exercise needs. Any behavior problems noted with the dog are sorted out immediately.

Health Problems

Epilepsy is the most common condition seen with the wire fox terrier. Others include patella luxation, distichiasis, cataracts, eye and breathing problems.


This is a big concern especially when genetic conditions are managed poorly. Average lifespan is about 15 years.


This dog requires grooming to be frequent to ensure matt does not form. A daily combing of the hair is necessary.


This dog is a creation of the dachshund and the English Hounds. Its origin is the British Isles in the 17th century. It was recognized by the AKC in 1885.