This is a very small dog that us compact and square in nature. This dog bears a close resemblance to the Spitz type of dog and may be confused for them. This dog has a fairly long head that looks wedge shaped from the side. This is accentuated by the sloping muzzle that the Volpino has.

The Skull of the dog is wedge shaped and is wiser than It is long. This muzzle terminates at the nose which is always black. The Volpino has V shaped ears that are located high on the head. The lips of the dog too are short and tight black in color. The tail of the dog is set on the back of the dog. Though docking was recommended earlier on, this is a ground fro disqualifying the dog.

This dog does have a complete dentition and very well formed jaws. The teeth of the dog are complete and evenly spaced. The white teeth meet in a scissor or even bite. An overbite is a ground for disqualification of the dog. The eyes of the dog are small in size and always black. The eyes fit within their black eye rims.


The Volpino has a very dense coat. This is a single coat and is very long as it stands off the body. The hair of the Volpino is very stiff and harsh. A smooth and short coat is seen on the ears and the muzzle. The tail has a lot of feathering of the hair. Common color coats include solid white and solid red. In some circumstances pale orange is accepted. Acceptable height range is 10.5 – 12 inches while the acceptable weight range is 16 – 25 pounds.


The Volpino is a very playful, happy and loving dog. It loves to be around its master whenever possible. This is a perfect dog to have for a family as it is very affectionate with the immediate family members. As it is easy to train, the Volpino will do very well in obedience training classes as it is naturally intelligent and loves getting approval from its master.

Ensure that this dog does not form the Small Dog Syndrome out of poor leadership. This is condition develops when the dog realizes that you are poor in leadership and wants to take over to be the pack leader. This tends to make the dog do what it pleases. Some of the pointers to the development of the syndrome is a dog clearly defying your directions, leading the way when you are out on walks or even pulling the leash, wanting to go to several different directions.

Good leadership to the dog makes you be seen as the pack leader of the dog and anything you tell the dog to do, it does. It is also recommended that you ensure the dog goes out for daily pack walks to satisfy its primal walking instincts. This is a good way that can help reduce the behavior problem that the dog has.

Health problems

No health problems have been shown.


This dog shows relatively low mortality rates. Average lifespan is 12 – 15 years.


Regular grooming is recommended for this dog to avoid hair from tangling.


The Volpino is a descendant of the European Spitz where it was bred for many years. This breed was registered by the AKC in 2006.