Tibetan Spaniel



The Tibetan spaniel closely rese4mbles the Pekingese and in most cases will be mistaken for the Pekingese. The main distinguishing feature that the spaniel has from the Pekingese is that it has a shorter coat; its body is longer than it is tall and the face is slightly longer. There is also no extra skin around the eyes.

The Spaniel has short legs with the body length looking tall than its height. The head is dome shaped and it has a blunt muzzle that is of medium length. As pointed out earlier, there is no skin around the eyes of this dog. The dog has a slightly blunt muzzle that is of medium length. The dog should meet in an undershot or even level bite. The nose of the Tibetan spaniel is always black.

The dog has its eyes set well apart and the sockets are oval in shape and black in color. Dew claws may be removed only when the dog is a few days old. The front legs of the dog are slightly bowed, though the legs all are equal in length as the dog has a level top line.


The dog has a silky double coat that lies flat all through. The tail of the dog is well feathered and is carried over the top line at the back. Feathering between the toes is common in this dog. The coat of the dog comes in all colors and it is quite common to see the dog having a multi colored coat, though the most common coats are solid colors. Average height of the dog is about 10 inches while the weight range is 9 – 15 pounds.


The Tibetan spaniel is very independent and is happy, Charming and ever trusting. This is a perfect family dog as the dog is well tempered and loves to be around people. The bonds that the dog helps form are very strong and last for a long time. Training the Tibetan spaniel is quite easy as the dog is very intelligent and loves to please its master. It has also been shown to be a very good watchdog that will only bark when necessary.

If you allow the dog to assume pack leader status, the dog will be prone to a lot of multiple behavior problems. These problems can be sorted by assuming pack leader status and offering good leadership to the dog. Housebreaking can at times be very challenging for the Tibetan spaniel.

Health Problems

Common problems are heart stroke and respiratory problems.


The dog enjoys low mortality rates in the absence of health conditions. It can live for an average of 2 – 15 years.


Simple combing of the dog is recommended on a regular basis. More frequent brushing of the coat is recommended when shedding. This dog sheds hair once a year.


This dog is a native of Tibet and has been in existence for well over 200 years. The dog was registered by the AKC in 1983