Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Though the Staffordshire bull terrier seems to be a very small dog, it seems to be a muscular dog and very strong for its size. . This dog has a small and short head that comes to form a deep and broad skull. As with most bull terriers, this dog has a short face that has a short muzzle too.

Even with its short face, the dog has complete dentition and very strong jaws that have teeth arranged to meet in a scissors bite. The dog has a short muzzle that leads to the nose which is always black in color. The Bill terrier has small clean and tight lips.

The ears are rose shaped and are semi erect. When the dog is alert, they stand up alert. The dog has round eyes that are ever dark in color. The color may vary from blue to black to brown depending on the color of the coat of the dog. The front legs of the dog are ever straight. The back legs of the dog are on the other hand arched the length does not however affect the top line of the dog as it is all level. Common practice is to remove dewclaws when the dog is a few days old.


The dog has a smooth short coat that lies close to the body and is quite elegant when looked at well. The colon color coats of the coat include fawn, red, white, blue and black. These colors may also be seen in tricolor. The tail of the dog does not curl but rather stretches out straight. Average height is 13 – 16 inches while the weight range is 23 – 38 pounds.


The Staffordshire bull terrier is a highly energetic dog as you would expect and loves to socialize and play. It is very courageous and obedient to its master; it is very affectionate loves to be by their master. It is important to think of whether will have the time to take this dog for daily pack walks. It is very important that the dog should have its fair share of exercise. The muscular body of the dog must be maintained to ensure the dog is happy and healthy.

Lack of the exercise on a daily basis causes the dg to engage in undesirable behavior as it has it in its DNA that it must be exercised. Common behavior problems that may crop up as a result of lack of exercise would be guarding of items, jealousy, excessive barking and biting on household items. 30 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient. Training this dog is quite easy as it is naturally intelligent and loves to learn.

Health Problems

Eye problems are very common as hip dysplasia and mast cell tumors. A look at the genetics of the family is important before deciding on the dog of choice.


This dog lives a relatively long life and mortality cases are low. Average lifespan is 10 – 16 years.


This dog is easy to groom. Brushing it with a firm bristle brush occasionally keeps the dog looking very nice.


The Staffordshire bull terrier came from the Staffordshire region of England. It was developed in the 19th century. Close relatives are Bulldogs and local terriers. It was recognized by the AKC in 1975.