Smooth Fox Terrier



The smooth fox terrier is a good medium sized dog. Its name comes from the close resemblance it has to the fox. However, contrary to the wiry hair coat that is common with most foxes, this dog has a smooth coat and hence its name.

The Skull of the dog is moderately flat and it has eyes located in its narrow face. The Slope form the eyes is the muzzle which descends gradually and comes to a halt at the nose. The nose of the smooth fox terrier is always black and gives rise to wide nostrils. The teeth of the dog must always meet in a scissors bite. The eyes and their rims are always dark in color. It is important to note that the exact color is determined by the color of the coat that the dog has.


This dog has a smooth coat as its name suggests and the hair is quite short, lying close to the skin. The color of the coat is mainly white with black or even brown markings. In most cases, the tail is docked as has been accepted by most breeding standards. It is however important to note that the docking of the tail has been outlawed in most parts of the world. This dog has small and erect V shaped ears that are located close to the cheeks of the dog. The legs of the dog are ever muscular as is the chest. Average height is 13 – 16 inches. The weight range is 13 – 20 pounds.


The Smooth Fox terrier is a brave, cheerful and affectionate medium sized dog. It loves to play and is a good dog that can play with children. This dog can do very well in a family setting as it has a very warm personality. This dog ought not to be left with non canine pets as this dog was mainly bred for hunting and the hunting instincts may kick in where it may result in the non canine pets being hunted by the terrier.

To ensure the best manners from the terrier, it is advised that it should interact with all members of the household from an early age so that it can learn to socialize and form bonds with people. As the dog is very intelligent, it is very easy to teach it as it enjoys learning and loves to please its master. This dog can also learn how to perform tricks very easily.

Health Problems

Deafness and bone problems are common problems seen in this dog. It is also prone to mast cell tumors.


This dog has very low mortality rates across its life. Average lifespan is about 15years.


This dog is very easy to groom. A weekly brush of the coat to remove dirt and dead hair from the body is recommended.


This dog is closely related to the dachshunds and the English Hound. Its breeding started in the 17th century and was recognized by the AKC in 1885.