Smooth Cairn Terrier



The smooth Cairn terrier is a dog that closely resembles a fox. The head is larger compared to the lower body. It has a strong muzzle which is of medium, length and comes to taper abruptly. The teeth come to meet to a scissors bite. The nose of the dog is always black. It has large eyes that are hazel in color and the eyebrows are shaggy.


This dog looks generally stunning with a smooth undercoat as compared to its close relative which has a rough coat. The tail of the Cairn terrier looks quite weather resistant. The undercoat is however contrasts to the top coat in that it is smooth whereas the top coat is shaggy. The most common color coats of the Cairn terrier include the red, tan, black sand and shades of grey.

The only color that is not seen in the dog is white. The ears and tail will generally have the same color as the muzzle. It is important to note that the color coat of the Cairn terrier is hard to come down to a final color as it changes severally during the year. The average height of an adult cairn terrier is between 9 – 13 inches while the weight range is between 13 – 18 pounds, with lower height and weight being seen on the females.


The Cairn terrier is the perfect house hold pet as it is energetic, alert, cheerful, loyal and friendly. This is a dog that you would be comfortable playing with your children. As the dog is quite intelligent, it is important t assert leadership to it, so that it can learn to be a follower and not a pack leader. It is also good to note that the Cairn terrier can easily learn a lot of tricks, as it enjoys making friends and learning too.

The best location for this dog is a home with a yard and not apartment living, as their physical needs are very demanding and there are some unique attributes that are genetically programmed in them such as digging. Adapting to a new home for a Cairn terrier is quite easy and there is not much problem. It is important to note that leadership is an important quality for the best success in owning a cairn terrier. The dog is prone to behavior problems such as barking or even chewing on items.

Health Problems

Among the most notable of their health problem is a flea allergy that is so bad that it can cause a lot of discomfort for the dog to the extent that they will scratch until they make a wound. Weight gain is also a common issue occurring in this breed.


As the dog has a smooth undercoat, grooming is relatively easy as all it requires is its hair to be brushed at least once a week. For best results the coat ought to be brushed just after a bath.


The origin of the Cairn terrier is dated as far back as the 1500s in Scotland. Its closest relatives are the Scottish terrier and the West Highland White terrier. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1913.