Small Dogs

Small Dog

Choosing a dog is a very challenging task that anyone is faced with. There are numerous considerations that are made prior to the ultimate solution being made. This website takes up this challenge for you to make your search for the preferred dog that much easier. We help you in the step by step process of choosing a perfect dog for your needs.

With the small dog list in our site, we help you learn of the small dog and their names. Our in-depth detail of small dogs ensures that we leave no stone unturned.

Among the things we look at when describing the dog include


This is a simple description of how the dog looks, the common coat of colors that the dog is seen with and the average height and weight of the dog to make you understand how to choose small dogs.


The expected mood of the dog is a very important feature to describe and is included in the small dogs list. You might be looking for a sweet loving and caring dog that loves to play and fool around your family moments. You might also be looking for a no nonsense dog that can help you by being a watch dog. It is also possible that you might be interested in how intelligent the preferred dog is. All these details are discussed here. We even go a step further to recommended the dogs that are fit for apartment living and those which are not. All these parameters are included in how to select small dog breeds.

Health problems

It is very important to know of the potential problems that the dog of choice might face. Understanding the health of the dog well beforehand is a good way to know whether or not you would like to take up the dog you desire and how to prevent these health problems.  Genetic diseases, diseases caused by weight problems or even diseases that are new such as cancers are all discussed here.


What causes the death of this dog and what is the average lifespan that you can expect from the dog? All the details are well covered in the small dog breeds list.


It is good to know how to look after the dog to ensure it is looking lovely. Details on how to groom the dog are well elaborated for each dog. The grooming intervals and methods are all discussed in this segment of small dog breeds


Learn of the history of this dog. Where did it come from, who are the close relatives of the dog? You will also get top learn of the years that the dog has been in existence.

With these issues discussed in the small dog breeds, the process of choosing the dog is that much easier for you. It is our hope that the discussions that have been done about the dog will help you make the selection of a dog that you will love and come to adore as you form a long bond. It is our hope that the information on how to select small dog breeds provided will be satisfactory and serve your needs well.