Skye Terrier



The Skye terrier is a long and low set dog that has its height being shorter than its length. The length seems to be twice its height. The dog has a long head which seems to be continuous with the muzzle, tapering down and coming to a moderated stop. The nose of the Skye terrier is always black, irrespective of the coat of color that this dog has.

The teeth of the Skye terrier meet in a scissors bite. The dog has dark eyes, with black and brown being the most common colors seen. The intensity of the darkness is largely determined by the exact color coat that the dog has. The dog has symmetrical ears that are ever erect. It is however possible to see the Syke terrier with dropped ears, though these ears are very rare.


The Skye terrier has a double coat. This coat has a soft and wooly undercoat that is very dense and an outer coat that is long and tough as compared to the under coat. The tail is long, and hangs below the top line with a lot of feathering on it. Common colors on the coat include black, grey, blue, silver, cream or even fawn. IN most cases, the Skye terrier has black markings on the ears; tip of the tail; or even on the nose. A good way to measure the length and weight of the Skye terrier is to calculate its length which ought to be twice its weight. Average height is 10 inches while average weight is 25 – 30 pounds.


The Skye terrier is a well nurtured dog that loves attention and to be around people. It is affectionate, loving, kind and ever energetic. This dog can do well as an apartment dog as it does not have very many demands. The best owner of the Skye terrier is one that comes with a natural air of authority. It is recommended that the dog ought to socialize with people well from an early age to ensure that they do not become timid later on in life. The Skye terrier makes friends easily with non canine friends.

This dog is both brave, good natured as it is loyal and polite to the people it lives around. One thing that must be noted is that the Skye terrier is a dog that loves attention. Meeting its primal needs of walking is a great way to bond with the dog and satisfy its needs. Lack of walking the dog on a daily basis causes numerous behavior problems.

Health Problems

The Skye terrier is generally healthy.


Most Skye terriers live an average of 12 – 15 years.


Regular brushing of the hair coat is recommended or the hair will matt. Daily brushing is recommended. Washing should be done when necessary.


The Skye terrier is said to have been developed around the 15th century. It was seen in the Scottish island of Skye. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1887.