The Pug is a small dog that appears to be covered in hair and of a square shape when viewed from the side. This points towards the legs f the dog being equal to the length of the dog. The Pug has a small and round head that has a lot of feathering on it. From the head comes a huge and massive square shaped muzzle that comes to a blunt end, the nose of the Pug is black. In the event that the pug has moles on the cheek, they are highly valued and it is not disqualified as they are seen as beauty spots.

The dog has complete dentition and a well formed jaw. All the teeth meet in a slight undershot bite. The pug has very prominent large and dark eyes. The exact shade of the color of the eyes is determined by the color coat of the dog. The eyes fit in black eye sockets. The pug has small and thin ears that have a rose shape or a button shape. The face of the pug also has deep wrinkles and they could be likened to those of the Bulldog.


This dog has a short coat that is fine, smooth and soft. Common coat colors of the pug include fawn, apricot, silver and black. The tail is set high and curled over the back. a double curl in the tail makes the pug highly rated in the show ring. It is quite normal for dewclaws to be removed. Average height of the Pug is 12 – 14 inches. The weight range of the pug ranges from 13 – 20 pounds for an adult dog.


The pug is an ever jovial dog that is ever spirited. It is loyal, affectionate and loving to the master and their immediate family. This dog is very playful and makes the perfect playmate of children. The dog is happy when playing and exercising. For the dog to get the most out of its exercise, it is recommended that it should always be guided and variety be included. The pug becomes bored very quickly when there is no variety in the exercise it performs.

The play the pug engages in within the house will surely keep you entertained. As this dog was bred as a hunting dog, it is important that its exercise needs must be met. About 30 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient to satisfy the dog’s exercise. Lack of the daily pack walks results in the dog having a myriad of behavior problems.

Health Problems

This dog does not do well in extreme cold or extremely hot environments. They are also prone to food allergies. They have poor ventilation and thus tend to snort when exercising.


There is low mortality throughout the life of the dog. These dogs have an average lifespan of 12 – 15 years


It is relatively easy to groom. All that is needed is a weekly comb of the coat with a firm bristle brush.


The pug can be traced as far back as 400 BC and are said to have descended from Asia. The closest relative is the Pekingese and the small Bulldog. It was recognized by the AKC in 1885.