Prazsky Krysarik



According to statistics, the Prazsky Krysarik is said to be the smallest breed of dog in the world. It is very tiny across the board and thus serves as the perfect household and companion pet. The chest is broad and not in any way deep and drops down into the elbows of the dog.

The head of the dog is small and apple in shape. The muzzle of the Prazsky Krysarik resembles that of the fox, being long and becoming the ideal choice for the dog. The muzzle terminates at a dark and black nose that has large nostrils in comparison to the overall size of the dog. The neck of the dog is narrow and lean and offers support to the small and delicate head of the Prazsky Krysarik. The dog has a complete dentition and as such, the mouth looks crowed with teeth. The teeth meet in an undershot bite.


The coat of the Prazky Krysarik is short and has a thin coat of fur that is very glossy when the dog has been well fed. In most cases, the color of the coat of the Prazky Krysarik is black and tan. The average height of the Prazky Krysarik stands at 7 – 9 inches. The weight range on the other hand stands in at 2 – 6 pounds in an adult dog.


Though the Prazky Krysarik is a very small dog, it is very active, alert as is playful and generally has a lot of energy. This is a sharp contrast of the size of the dog as it would be expected to be a sly dog. This dog is very fond of its master and loves to be by their side whenever possible.

One of the characteristic things that make this dog highly sought after is not only its size but its superb sense of smell. This dog is also very handy within the house in hunting down small rodents in the house such as rats. Due to this quality of hunting rats came its name Krysarik as rats are referred to as krysa.

The dog is a very obedient and warm hearted dog that is a good playmate with children. If the dog has to play with children, it is good that the children be older such that they can command the dog well and handle the dog well as poor handling may result in the dog being injured.

Health Problems

Due to the small size of the dog, it comes with very thin bones. These dogs are prone to fractures and dislocations as a result of rough handling. The dog must always be gently handled.


High mortality is experienced in this dog across its lifespan with the main cause being as a result of rough handling. Average lifespan is about 12-14 Years


As the dog has a smooth coat with short hair, grooming is easy and a weekly brush of the hair once a week is recommended. Wiping the dog is preferred over washing them.


This dog originated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is rarely seen outside the confines of the two countries. The main aim of developing the dog was so that it could be used as a companion.