Poodle Toy



The toy poodle is a small sized dog which is for most part preferred as a perfect companion as well as a show dog. The dog is square shaped a thing that comes from the relatively equal length of the height and the width of the dog.
The shape of the skull is seen as round in shape, with the muzzle being long and sloping. The shape of the muzzle ends in a black nose which has large nostrils. The eyes of the dog are oval in shape, fitting perfectly within the oval eye sockets that are set well apart of each other. The eye color is generally dark and the color may alternate depending on the color coat that the toy poodle has. The ears of the poodle are long and flat and are located at the top of the head close to the eyes. The location of the tail in this dog is quite important as it is in most cases located high above the back. Some breeders recommend docking of the tail to half its length sp that the dog can look proportionate. It is however important to note the laws in your region as most countries have outlawed docking.


The coat of the poodle is long and curly. It is interestingly seen in solid coat colors only. The most common colors of the poodle include brown, white, black, red, silver, blue, cream or even grey. Poodles that come with a combination of colors are not recognized. The average height range of the toy poodle ranges at about 10 inches while the average weight range is 6 – 9 pounds.


The toy poodle is just but the ideal companion to take with you o all your daily work. It is intelligent, living, adorable and very eager to please. The intelligence of the toy poodle makes it a dog that can easily learn tricks and behavior training fast as it loves to impress and be applauded.

The toy poodle is also very social and thus the reason it is recommended as a very good companion dog as it rarely is agitated and loves the company of humans. As with other dogs, you must always remember that the poodle is a dog and has its own needs. 30 minutes of exercise for this do helps it become quite active and prevent behavior problems which crop up as a result of lack of exercise.

Health Problems

The common health problems faced by the toy poodle include heart disease, PRA, eye problems anemia, diabetes and epilepsy.


As this is a very ting dog, it is very fragile at a young age as it faces the problem of common dislocations. When the above mentioned conditions set in, the quality of life deteriorates completely. Health toy poodles can live for an average of 12 – 15 years.


Show dogs require high quality grooming which may even need to be done on a daily basis. Clipping of hair must be done as the dog does not shed. Teeth and nails must also be taken care of.


The toy Poodle has been in existence for hundreds of years in Europe alone and was reserved for royalty. It is said to have come from Germany. The breeders of the poodle were looking for a dog that could hunt small game.