Poodle Miniature



The miniature poodle is a small dog that is normally bred as a show dog and companion. The main thing that makes the dog unique is the minute size that it is normally seen in. The shape of the poodle at a distance is a square shape. This dog is quite small and the height and width is approximately equal, thus its length.

The shape of the skull is round and a strong and long muzzle. The dark and oval shaped eyes are set far apart and are in most cases black or even brown in color depending on the color of the coat. The ears of this dog are located close to the eyes and are long and flat. The height of both back and front legs is equal. This results in the dog having a flat top line. The location of the tail is set high above the back. In most cases, the tail is docked to half its length to create a balance of all the body parts of the dog. It is however very important to note that docking of the tail is illegal in most parts of the world.


The coat of the poodle is curly and corded at times. This coat is only seen in solid colors only. This coat is available in solid colors only with the most common color coats being black, white, blue, silver, red, cream, grey, apricot or even brown. Poodles that have parti color are not recognizes in show standards. Average height range that is seen in poodles is between 11 – 15 inches. The average weight range is 15 – 17 pounds.


The miniature poodle is viewed as a very intelligent dog that is eager to please their companion and offer the best companionship possible. The high intelligence that the miniature poodle has makes it the perfect dog for training as not only does it understand what is needed fast, it does also love to impress with the skills it has learnt. This dog can learn much more than obedience training and it can also do very well with learning tricks. This is the reason that the poodle is a dog commonly used as a circus dog.

One thing that should be noted is that this is a breed of dog that can only live in the house. It cannot live outside or in a kennel as that makes it susceptible to disease. High energy is shown when the dog lacks its fair share of daily exercise and behavior problems result.

Health Problems

Among the problems the Poodle faces include eye problems, PRA< heart disease, Anemia, epilepsy and diabetes.


The cases of mortality are high when there is a preexisting condition with poor management. The rate is however low for generally healthy dogs and the poodle can live for 12 – 15 years.


Meticulous grooming is required for a show poodle. As the dog does not shed, clipping is recommended to ensure the dog looks amazing. 6 – 8 bathing intervals are recommended.


The origin of the miniature poodle is traced back as much as 400 years in Europe, though it has been in existence much longer. It is said to have either been developed in France or Germany with its main need when being developed being a hunt dog that could also swim easily.