The Phalene is simple terms is the same breed of dog as the Papillon, only that the ears of the Phalene are dropdown while those of the Papillon are semi erect. The Phalene is also referred to as the Continental toy spaniel or even the butterfly dog, mainly coming from the shape the ears take. This is a small and fine boned dog which has a small and round head and with the muzzle being short and ending at a well defined nose that is always black in color.

The eyes are dark in color and they are located in black eye sockets and rims which are located on the extreme points of the skull. This dog has droop ears as opposed to the semi erect found in its sister the Papillon. The bite o the dog meets in a scissor bite and makes it a good choice for what it was bred for hunting small game.


The dog has a long single coat that is both straight and smooth. There is an extra long coat of hair that is noticed around the chest, tail, ears and legs. Common color coats that are common in the Phalene include fawn, brown, brindle, grey and tan. The tail location of the dog is high over the back. This tail comes with moderate feathering as noted previously. It is common practice to remove dewclaws when the dog is a few days old. The common height range of the Phalene is 8 – 11 inches while the average weight range is 7 – 10 pounds.


The Phalene is a very well mannered dog and ever friendly. It loves being in the company of its master and approving new friends that its master introduces it to. This is a very good dog to live with in an apartment as It does not have heavy needs. As a rule, it is always important to take the dog out for a pack walk. You must remember that the dog is an animal and a daily pack walk is very important.

The dog is an excellent companion with children as it loves to engage in play as children do. It is however important to ensure there is strict supervision when the dog is engaging in play with the children to ensure it does not misbehave. In case the dog is to be left unsupervised with children, the children must be very well accustomed to giving the dog orders. Training sessions should always be made regular and the dog must be taught on simple obedience commands which ought to be followed. This helps the dog’s management be much easier.

Health Problems

The most common health problem noted is Patella luxation in the hind quarters.


There is low mortality on average. Average lifespan is 15 years.


The coat of this dog required daily grooming to ensure the dog’s hair coat looks good and does not tangle.


The origin of the dog goes as far back as 700 years in France where it took the name Phalene due to its ear shape. The breed was officially recognized by AKC in 1915.