Parson Russell Terrier Smooth



The parson terrier is the dog that was referred to as the Jack Russell terrier in the USA, having been recognized by the American Kennel Club. This dog has a strong head of which is proportionate with the rest of the body. It has a very strong muzzle that slopes down and comes to an abrupt stop. The nose of the Parson Russell Terrier is always Black. This dog has its teeth meeting in a scissors bite. One of the things that make the Parson Russell Terrier a very popular dog is the feathering that is located at the sided of the mouth, depicting a beard of sorts.

The dog has dark almond eyes that fit within the circular eye sockets. The chest is quite narrow and it has dark and pink rims. The location of the tail is high above the top line of the dog and is docked. It is important to note that there is a lot of muscles around the chest area, mainly because this dog is a work dog, and was bred to be a hunt dog.


The dog has a short coat that looks shiny when well tended to. This smooth coat is quite easy to tend for. The common coat colors include black and tan, White and black or a tricolor combination. A dog with brindle markings is disqualified.


The Parson terrier is seen as a merry and cheerful dog that loves to play. As this dog has hunting instincts, it is very easy to live with and as such, it does very well with children. Children must however be taught how best to relate with the dog. The handling of the dog is very important as their health is very delicate. This dog should however not be trusted with non canine pets such as birds, hamsters or even rabbits. It must always be supervised as it is a hunt dog and its hunting instincts may kick in at any moment. It is all in all recommended that the dog must at all times be monitored.

As the dog was bred for hunting, daily exercise is recommended to ensure the health of the dog. Lack of exercise makes it prone t being overweight and accompanying behavior problems such as digging, barking excessively and chewing items.

The dog is very intelligent and it makes training very easy. If advanced training is needed, the dog does very well and that is the reason as to why the dog is recommended for advanced training classes and can ever learn to do simple tricks.

Health Problems

Although the dog is generally healthy, it is faced with a problem of dislocations. A hip joint problem is also very common


The mortality of the dog is relatively low in early life. The average lifespan is 15 years.


The short coat version of the Parson terrier is relatively easy to clean as all it needs is a brush with stiff bristles once a week to remove dirt and dead hair.


This breed is said to have been bred by a reverend Jack Russell in the 1800’s and it was named after him until the name was changed by the Jack Russell Breeders to Parson Russell Terrier in 2003.