Norwich Terrier



The Norwich terrier is a small, short and sturdy dog that has a rounded head that is quite wide when compared to the rest of the body. The dog has a wedge shaped muzzle that is very strong and comes to a well defined stop. . The nose of the dog is always black. This Dog has oval shaped eyes which are dark in color. The medium sized ears stand erect and ever keen. The dog has straight legs and a level top line. The tail of the Norwich terrier is set high above the top line. Docking half of the tail is advised for this dog. It is however recommended that you check the local laws prior to doing it, as it is outlawed in most parts of the world.


The dog has a wiry and straight coat whose length may range from one and a half to two inches in length. Common coat colors of the Norwich terrier include black and tan, red, tan, or wheaten. Average height of the Norwich terrier is 10 inches while the weight averages at 10 – 12 pounds for an adult.


The temperament of the dog is quite unique, being a terrier that is ever ready to work its heart out. This dog is quite courageous as it is affectionate in equal measure. The terrier is intelligent and it makes training easy, pleasurable and fun. For best results in training, a single person should train the dog and be consistent with the laid down rules. These dogs love every person and are also good with children.

As the Norwich has been bred for hunting over many centuries, it is not recommended that they should be left unsupervised with canine pets. The hunting instincts may just kick in and this may lead to disastrous results.

Daily exercise which involves walking or jogging with the dog is advised as the dog must have its animal instincts of traveling met. These dogs love to play and will do well with balls, sticks or any other thing that can be thrown at the dog for it to fetch. It is a very big challenge to housebreak this dog.

Health Problems

Back problems are common in these terriers. Other than that, this is a very health breed.


No cases of mortality have been noted in this dog. The back problem will only affect the quality of life but other than that, the dog lives a relatively full life of about 12 – 15 years.


As the dog has a medium length hair coat, it is quite easy to care for the dog and daily combing should be done. Little clipping should be done on the coat. Extra grooming care is advised when the dog is shedding.


This is a dog that came from the East Anglia region of England. It was mainly used for hunting but with less hunting in the 19th century, it started being adopted as a household dog. This breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1979.