Norwegian Lundehund



The Norwegian Lundehund is a Rectangular shaped dog that closely resembles the Spitz variety of dog. This dog has some unique characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd. One of these characteristics is that it comes with six toes in each foot and has two dew claws on each foot. These dew claws may be removed when the dog is a few days old.

The dog has medium sized ears that are ever erect and are not proportionate to the dog. These ears are quite mobile and will move in any direction depending on what the dog is listening to. The mobility is higher than that of an average dog. The dog’s head is of an apple shape and it has a tapering muzzle that comes to a halt. The nose of the Lundehund is always black.


The color coat of the Lundehund is quite dense and rough. The length of the coat is short, lying flat on the body of the dog. Common coat colors include red – brown, grey and white or fallow and black streaks. The color coat sets in as the dog gets older. The tail of the dog is ring shaped and quite unique. It may also be hanging. The hind quarters are well muscled and make it an agile dog, rather than being built for speed. Average height of the Lundehund is 12 – 16 inches while the weight range is 13 – 20 pounds.


The Norwegian Lundehund is an agile, energetic and well-mannered dog that loves to make new human friends. This is a dog that loves to play with other dogs. The intelligence of thus dog makes it a perfect dog for training as it learns fast. It also does well in advanced training and can be trained in agile techniques. The Lundehund makes a very good household dog as it can relate well with humans and children too. It is also a great dog that can be used for hunting, as it is genetically preset that this dog can do very well.

One thing that allows the dog serve as a good dog for advanced training is that it has extra abilities such as being able to turn its neck 180 degrees. The six toes that the dog has gives it an edge when climbing up or down a very steep cliff. Crate training for this dog is mandatory so that it learns on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Health Problems

This dog has a myriad of health problems that include digestive problems and feeding disorders that largely affect the lifespan of the dog. Grains have been shown to cause a lot of health problems.


The digestive problem causes early mortality in the Lundehund and the diet must be very closely monitored. Average lifespan is about 12 years.


The Norwegian Lundehund is a very easy dog to groom. It just requires brushing its hair coat with a firm bristle brush. Regular brushing is important as this breed is a heavy shedder.


This do is very rare all over the world. It is classified in the Spitz family. Its Origin is Norway in the 1500’s. It was used mainly for hunting but due to dwindling numbers, it stopped hunting and was preferred as a pet. It was recognized by the AKC in 2008.