Norfolk Terrier



The Norfolk terrier is a short, strong, sturdy dog that has a round head. This dog has a gap between the two ears. The dog has a wedge shaped muzzle that is quite strong and it has black toenails. The legs of the Norfolk terrier are all long and straight, with the dog having a straight top line. This points to the fact that all the legs are equal in size. The chest of the dog is well served with muscles, ensuring that the dog can work if needed. The eyes are black and deep set. The ears are V shaped and ever alert. The tail is normally found lying over the back, though it can be docked. IT is however important to note that docking of a dog’s tall has been outlawed in most countries.


This dog comes with a wiry half coat that measures approximately 2 – 3 inches in length. Common coat colors of this dog include tan, wheaten, black and tan, red and grizzle that does not have any dark markings. Average height is about 10 inches and the weight range is about 10 – 12 pounds.


The temperament of this dog is seen as an active, well mannered and affectionate dog. It is quite loving and caring of its master and immediate people that it lives around. This dog can do well as a household pet or it can be used as a working pet. This dog is quick to make new friends, humans and animals alike. It is a dog that loves the company of children, though it is recommended that unsupervised children should only play with the dog, if they are able to assert their foot down on the dog. As these dogs have hunting instincts, the Norfolk terrier loves to play with moving objects such as balls, or even sticks that can be thrown for the dog to fetch.

This dog being quite intelligent makes training a breeze. The dogs are very cooperative in training as they love to learn and please their master. Lack of providing daily exercise to the dog causes the dog to bark excessively or even to engage in quite a lot of digging. This dogs should not be left alone with other non canine household pets such as hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs as their hunting instinct may kick in and they may hunt them down.

Health Problems

The only commonly occurring health problem is a genetic eye disease.


The mortality of these dogs is quite low in all stages of life. This allows most dogs to live their full life term which may vary from 12 – 15 years.


Daily combing of the shaggy hair coat of the Norfolk terrier is recommended. When the dog is shedding, grooming ought to be meticulous to ensure that as much of the loose and dead hair is removed.


The Norfolk terrier was developed in England and is closely related to the Norwich terrier. It was developed in the 20th century. It was officially recognized by the AKC in 1979.