Mittel German Spitz



The Mittel German Spitz is a dog which is small and has been used for generations as a watchdog and as a companion. This dog has a fox like head with its head being apple shaped and a gradually sloping muzzle that ends abruptly. The nose of the dog is always black. The dog has black and deep set eyes. The ears are set high on the head and have moderate feathering.


The dog comes with a double coat. It has a smooth undercoat that is dense and lie flat on the surface and it has a top coat that is somewhat wiry and stand out. The tail of the Mittel German Spitz is quite unique in that it lies on top of the back and has moderate feathering. Common color coats of the Mittel German Spitz include white, White and brindle, Grey and tricolor which may be a combination of white with tan, brindle or even silver. The height of this dog stands in at 12 – 15 inches and the weight range is 15 – 24 pounds. An important thing to note is that in normal circumstances, the dog is normally larger than the bitch in this breed.


This is a dog that is generally fun loving, ever happy and has a very loyal to their owner. The dog is also very intelligent and this makes training easy in that the dog is not only eager to learn, but also eager to please the owner. The dog loves meeting new friends and does very well with children. This dog should not be trusted to be left alone with non canine pets in that it is a dog that has hunting instincts and may eat them.

Guidance must always be regarded by the owner, as failure to this may result in the dog having the Small Dog Syndrome which the dog takes up leadership as the pack leader and it may be very difficult to come out from. As the dog has high energy. Lengthy exercise sessions with the dog should be scheduled. 40 – 60 minutes of daily exercise is recommended. Lack of exercise results in behavior problems such as excessive barking or even chewing on items and other antisocial behaviors.

Health problem

Although a generally healthy dog, patella luxation is common as is the problems associated with an overweight dog. Proper feeding regimes and exercise sessions are recommended to ensure that the dog keeps within the specified weight range.


As the dog has a low susceptibility to illness, mortality is generally low in this breed of dog.


Although the dog has a long coat, it should be regularly groomed. Once a week grooming is recommended to remove dead hair and ensure the dog looks great. Ears would also be cleaned when grooming. Washing should be rare and absolutely necessary.


The Mittel German Spitz is a close relative of the Pomeranian breed and can be traced to 1700. Through time it has by and by become a very popular dog in most regions of the world.