Miniature Schnauzer



The Miniature Schnauzer is a small, sturdily built dog that has a square body proportion. This dog has a rectangular shaped head and the width of the head seems smaller measuring it from the ears to eyes. The muzzle is uniquely strong but ends at a blunt stop. The nose is always black and the dog has a complete dentition, ending in forming a scissors bite. The dog has small and deep set eyes that are black in color. The ears are set high on the head and are cropped by some breeders as it is acceptable in most Kennel Clubs. It is however important to note that laws in most parts of the world do not allow for ears to be cropped. These ears are small and v shaped. As they fold close to their base.


The Miniature Schnauzer has a double coat that comprises of a smooth undercoat and a harsh looking top coat. The dog’s head is very hairy and has a moustache and eyebrows. The common coat colors include black, white, black and white and black and silver. The back legs are slightly arched while the front legs are always straight. The top line of the dog is always level. The height range is 12 – 14 inches while the weight range is 10 – 15 pounds.


The Miniature Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog that is happy, loving, docile and devoted to its owner. It is very good with forming relationships with people and with proper leadership, the dog gets along well with everyone its master approves of. This dog however does not form bonds as easily with other pets. The only limitation is if the dog has grown up in the presence of the other pets. Close attention is therefore required when guiding the dog to ensure that id does behave as expected.

Proper leadership is very important for the Miniature Schnauzer as it guides the dog on the acceptable code of conduct. Lack of good leadership is not advisable as the dog risks taking up the Small Dog Syndrome which the dog tends to be the pack leader and with this, its behavior cannot be anticipated. This dog takes training well and is easy to train. The dog looks to please its master through understanding commands fast so that its master can approve of it. This dog can also double up as a watchdog and a Vermin hunter.

Health Problems

Common health problems include liver disease, diabetes, kidney stones, skin disorders and von Willebrand’s disease.


The lifespan of the dog is limited with the coming in of the internal diseases occurring and there is a resultant high mortality rate. Average lifespan is 15 years.


The wiry coat of the dog is quite easy to groom and a daily brushing is recommended to ensure matting does not occur. A bi annual professional groom is recommended.


This dog is a native of Germany and its closest relative is the Pincher. Standard Pinchers were bred with the Affenpinscher and thus the miniature Pincher.