Miniature Pinscher



The miniature Pinscher is a small but compact dog that is square in shape. The proportion of the head is similar to that of the body. The shape of the skull is rather flat, with the muzzle gently sloping towards the nose. The nose is always black. The teeth of the dog are complete and meet in a scissors bite.

The top line of the dog is level/. This comes from the equal height of all the four legs the dog has. The front legs are straight while the back legs are slightly arched. The ears are located high on the head. They can be left natural or cropped. It is important to note that cropping has been made illegal in most parts of the world. It is normal to remove dewclaws when the dog is a few days old. The tail can also be cropped according to AKC specifications. `


The color coat of the dog is smooth and hard and covers most of the body. This coat is seen to lie close to the body. Common color coats of the Miniature Pinscher include black and tan markings, chocolate and brown and red with black hair. The feet of the dog resemble those of the cat. Average height for the miniature Pinscher is 10 – 12 inches while the average weight range lies in 8 – 10 pounds.


The Miniature Pincher is courageous, agile, fun loving and loving. This is a dog that surely transforms whichever household they live in. This is a dog that does well with other pets and children, but close supervision is recommended, especially if you have non canine pets. Children handling the dog should learn how to be the leader for the dog to follow through. Always ensure that you provide adequate leadership to the dog as poor leadership results to the Small Dog Syndrome where the dog thinks that they are the pack leader and this would be a very difficult issue to handle.

Exercise for the dog is also very important. At least 300 minutes of daily exercise should be reserved for the dog each and every day. Exercise helps satisfy the dog’s genetic desire to travel and this helps prevent several behavior problems that may crop up. House proofing the house should be done to ensure that he dog does not find things lying around which it can chew on and choke.

Health Problems

This is a generally healthy dog that has not been shown to have any grave side effects.


The life table of the Miniature Pinscher is one that is natural and does not seem to have any high mortality in the table, other than in the last quarter of their lives where most dogs die.

These dogs can live for about 15 or more years.


The grooming of the Miniature Pincher is quite simple as it follows the simple regime of using a short stiff brush to comb the hair of the dog once a week to remove any dead hair. This is done using a short stiff brush.


The history of the Miniature Pinscher is traced back to the Dachshund which is its closest relative and the grey hound. This was bred in Germany and as breeding was refined, so was the art of breeding high quality Miniature Pinschers.