Miniature Bull Terrier



The miniature bull terrier is a small and muscular dog which seems to be quite strong. It has an oval shaped body which is supported by a strong and sturdy back. The shape of the head is oval in shape and it follows with the general body shape. The muzzle of the dog slopes gently and stops at the black nose of the dog. The shape of the eyes is almond and they are deep-set and black in color. The shape of the ears is pointed upwards and they are close to each other as opposed to many other dog breeds. The neck is uniquely long and well served with muscles as is the chest.


The miniature bull terrier comes with a short and dense coat that lies flat on the body and is quite tough when touched. There are two common color coats of the bull terrier. One of them is the white variety while the other is the colored bull terrier which has most of the body covered with white and there being markings on the head which may be black, tan, red, fawn or brindle. The height range is 10 – 14 inches and the weight is 24 -33 pounds.


Earlier breeds of the bull terrier were bred for being fierce and were used as fight dogs. The temperament of the dogs has however improved over the years to a gentle dog that is loving and caring to their immediate family. The bull terrier is genetically embedded to have a defensive approach to strangers and it might seem to be quite preventive of its owner. This dog is courageous, fun loving and loves to fool around and play.

It is important to note that the bull terrier thrives on the consistency of leadership. Being a fearless dog, it must be guided by firm yet steady leadership. Affection too is very important for the bull terrier and constant supervision. The temperament of the bull terrier is such that it needs a close eye and will not do with being left alone for lengthy hours. Although a good dog to have, it is only recommended if you have the time to take care of it and thus not an ideal pet for most households.

This dog does very well with children and will have a lot of fun playing with it. It is important to note that it is always important to have the right physical exercise for the dog on a daily basis to satisfy their migratory instinct and prevent behavior problems cropping up.

Health Problems

Slipped patella, heart failure, skin problems and kidney failure are common health problems.


There have been no causes of mortality in early life but moderate numbers are recorded especially when the above conditions set in and they are poorly managed. They live for about 10 – 12 years.


Grooming is easy as a weekly brushing of the coat to remove dead hair will do.


They are said to have come up in early 1800’s. They are a cross of bulldogs and terriers. They were registered by the UKC in 1948.