Mexican Hairless Toy



The toy Mexican hairless dog is one of the most sought after dog breeds in the world. As the name suggests, this d breed is sought after for the way it lacks body hair. In some cases, this dog may have small tufts of hair on the head and tail. The general body however lacks any hair and it is for this purpose that this dog is seen as adorable in light of being unique in its own sense.


The skin coat that covers this dog is normally soft and smooth. For the few dogs that have tufts of hair, the common colors of the coat include gold, grey, fawn, red, tan black to spotted. The hair for the few which have hair must always be soft and straight. Wiry hair, wavy hair or even curly hair is not acceptable. Although the dog may lack hair, it serves as a very hardy dog that can survive in virtually any environment on earth. As the Mexican Hairless dog grows, the skin coat changes and this ought not alarm you as it is very normal. Average height stands at about 9 – 14 inches while the weight range is 5 – 15 pounds for the toy variety.


This is an ever alert dog that is loving and very energetic. It is a good family dog as it is well mannered, intelligent and social. This dog’s intelligence helps it to be quite social and be at ease with most people. It is quite natural for the dog to form relationships with humans and non humans alike as a result of its warm personality. Good training from an early age makes it behave its best when in the company of children.

Although these dogs have been said to love vegetables, they are not vegetarians and a balanced diet must be given to ensure that the dog’s nutritional requirements are met. One thing that you will note of the Mexican Hairless is that it rarely leaves the side of its master unless the master instructs it to do so. Obedience training is also understood fast and followed to the letter.

Health Problems

If strict breeding is practiced, there are very few problems that are documented. Interbreeding of this breed with others is the largest concern as genetic malformations place the puppies born with a very low chance of survival. Care for the bare skin ought to be done, using sunscreen on a hot day and using a sweeter or other ddog garment t cover most of its body on cold days.


Mortality for a pure breed is low, living on average 15 – 20 years.


Grooming is quite easy for this do g as all it requires is to be wiped with a damp cloth once a week. Dog lotion can be used to prevent the skin from being too dry and sunscreen in hot days. Trimming of the nails is recommended to ensure that they are kept nice and short.


This dog history goes as far back as 3000 years. In all that time it has been a rare breed and still is to date. It is native to Mexico where it is referred to as Xolo and has spread to the world through South America.