Manchester Terrier Toy



The toy Manchester terrier is but one of the varieties of this dog, with the other being the standard size. This is a small compact yet muscular dog that has a short and smooth coat. It has a small and narrow head. The muzzle tapers slightly and comes to an end at the nose that is black in color. The dog has v shaped ears when It is alert. In normal circumstances the ears are normally semi erect. In some instances, the ears may be cropped, though the practice is illegal in most countries of the world.


The dog has a natural smooth coat that is made up of short hair. The dog has small dark eyes. The thickness of the tail s unmistakable as it tapers slightly to a given point. It is quite important to note that the tail at the base is thicker than at the top, mainly as a result of a lot of hair that grows at the tip of the tail. The most common color coats of the dog include tan and black and it has very distinct markings. The average height of the Manchester terrier is 10 – 12 inches whereas the weight range is 6 – 8 pounds.


The Manchester terrier is a well mannered dog that is joyful, spirited and powerful. It is also a very intelligent dog. The intelligence makes training sessions quite easy and this makes it easy to take in obedience training lessons in that it is not only eager to learn, but also enjoys the feedback it gets from its owner when a good deed is done.

This is a very loyal dog to its master and is always by the master’s side whenever possible. It ought to be noted that the dog must learn to view the master as the pack leader and not the other way round where the small dog syndrome sets in. Poor leadership results the dog to knowing that they are the pack leader and do not always follow instructions given. A regular exercise regime is very important for the dog to ensure that the ideal results are achieved.

Health Problems

Glaucoma has been shown to be a common problem in this dog breed. It is also a dog that does not do well n hot environments , as it develops a skin condition if left for too long in the sun.


The dog has not been shown to have any problems that may adversely affect health other than the above mentioned. Average lifespan is about 15 years.


As the dog has a short coat, cleaning is relatively easy and straight forward. A weekly brush of the hair coat to remove the dead hair and keep hair untangled is recommended.


The Manchester terrier is arguably the oldest terrier breed. Its main purpose was to be a rat hunter. Relatives of this dog are the Black terrier, Tan terrier and the whippet. The popularity of the toy terrier grew as a result of the use of companion dogs that came in the 19th century.