The Lowchen is a dog that is in most cases referred to as the Little Lion. This dog at face value has many resemblances to the lion, hence the name. It has a round skull that has a broad skull and the muzzle length is equal to that of the skull. The muzzle is quite short compared to most of the dogs. The nose of the dog is always black and the eye color is also dark, but the color of the eyes may vary depending on the color coat of the dog.

The shape of the ears is similar to that of a pendant and is quite appealing as it is of moderate length and comes with a lot of feathering on it. The front legs of the dog are straight and the top line of the dog is level. This makes the dog be a very sought after dog due to its small size and appealing looks.


The Lowchen has an interesting color coat, being characteristically long and wavy. A curly dog is not considered to be a Lowchen. The tail of the dog is set high on the back and it has moderate feathering on it. The coat of the dog is soft and moderately soft in texture. Common coat colors include white, black lemon or speckled. The height of the Lowchen is about 10 – 13 inches while the weight range is between 9 – 18 pounds.


The Lowchen is depicted as a loving, cheerful and energetic dog that will be very happy to be around its master. It loves to make new canine and human friends, being excited to meet even strangers. Fear is something foreign to the Lowchen.

The Lowchen is also a very intelligent dog. This makes their training both fun and exciting as they are eager to please and be praised and rewarded, as they associate understanding what they are being taught to the satisfaction of their masters. Behavior problems are quite common in this dog and they are associated to the small dog syndrome and the fact that the dog loves exercise. 30 minutes of exercise are sufficient for the dog on a daily basis.

Health Problems

Although a generally healthy breed, patella luxation is the most common issue that affects health.


The dog can live for quite a long time and has not been shown to have any high mortality cases. Average lifespan is 12 – 14 years.


As the dog has a long hair coat. Daily brushing of the hair is recommended to ensure that tangles do not form. Daily brushing helps remove any dead hair from the dog.


The Lowchen has been in existence for well over 400 years and is a native of Europe. The home of the Lowchen is Germany and was in early days used as a dog that would help in warming the feet of women. During the world wars, numbers dwindled and it became a very rare breed, it was registered by AKC in 1996