Lancashire Heeler



The Lancashire heeler is a dog that is of rectangular shape, set low to the ground. The height of the dog compared to its length has the length being longer as opposed to the height. It has erect ears and eyes that are set wide apart. The head is always set high and apple shaped and has a muzzle that tapers from the forehead and comes to a well defined point. The color of the nose is always black. The tail of the dog is set low to the ground and has a lot of hair as compared to most of the body.


The appearance of the Lancashire Heeler is a color coat that is of medium size but smooth. The most common color coat of this dog is large sections of the body being black and a brown streak in some regions. The coat may thicken at times of winter to form a slight mane whereas this is shed in the summer to come to a very shiny coat that is smooth. The height of the dog ranges between 10 – 12 inches. The weight range on the other hand is about 6 – 13 pounds.


The Lancashire Heeler is a dog who loves to make friends and is a dog that loves the immediate owner and his family. It is however timid to meeting strangers. It is an excellent dog for hunting small game. The strength of the dog is quite an amazing feature in it. Though small, you will realize that it can do a lot of amazing things. This dog is intelligent and is easy to train. It loves to please the owner and it will do all that it is taught.

It is important to note that dogs are animals and their instincts to walk must be catered for on a daily basis. As such, at least 30 minutes of exercise should be reserved each and every day. Failure to cater for exercise needs of the dog results in a myriad of behavior problems that are very difficult to resolve. If older children are to play with this dog, it is important that they be of age to assert their authority on the dog for the ideal results to be seen.

Health Problems

There are no documented health problems common in the Lancashire heeler. Regular exercise is recommended to keep it from being overweight.


This dog has been shown to live a relatively full life, on average living 12-13 years.


As the do has a medium sized and smooth coat, it is easy to groom. A firm bristle brush is recommended. Bathing should be reserved at the bare minimum. In spring, it is recommended that regular grooming be done as the dog is shedding extra hair that grew in preparation for winter.


The Lancashire heeler is a dog whose popularity grew as it was a herding dog. As heading became less popular, their numbers dwindled until they were seem to be excellent house dogs who could make excellent companions.