The Kyi Leo is a small, sturdy and solid dog. It has fine bones and good muscles that surround the bones. It is very light on the feet and very quick to the move. When the dog is alert, there is a curling over of the tail on the back. The dog has dark eyes whose color may vary depending on the skin coat of the dog. The forelegs of the dog are straight and long. The back legs are slightly arched, though the top line of the dog is not compromised. The dog has a complete dental formulae and the teeth meeting at a scissor bite.


The coat of the Kyi Leo is long and thick. The coat may either be straight or wavy depending on the dog. For full length of the coat to be seen, 3 – 4 years may be taken, thus it is recommended that grooming be done very meticulously, checking not to ruin the coat as it may take quite a long time to grow again. The most common color coat of the Kyi-Leo is black and white. In some very few dogs, the black may be a variation of grey or silver. The head is covered with a lot of hair and the whiskers and beard do not even stand out. The average height range is about 8 – 12 inches while weight ranges about 9 – 14 pounds.


The temperament of the Kyi-Leo is lively, loving and a very responsive dog. It is always eager to learn and grasp what has been taught, thus the main reason that it is popular. A unique thing about the Kyi-Leo is that it has the ability of grasping items with its paws. It is a great dog to bring into a family environment as it loves to bond and is fond of making friends really fast.

If children need to play with it, it is recommended that they be able to assert their authority on the dog so that the dog can view it as their pack leader. This helps them follow all prompts. If the dog senses that you are not able to assert your authority on it, it tends to use its own intelligence to tell it what it ought to do. Proper direction is thus very important from the time the dog is a puppy.

The Kyi-Leo is a dog that does very well with other pets as well as non canine pets too. It can also make a good watchdog as it remembers very well what it has been taught.

Health Problems

The most common health problems in this dog include a slipped patella and other joint disorders. Care should be taken on the activities that the dog engages in.


Early lie is a very fragile time for the Kyi-Leo and mortality is high. The average lifespan is about 12-14 years.


As the dog has a long coat, frequent brushing is required to ensure there is no matting of the hair. Being an average shedder, a daily regime is recommended.


This dog came up in the 1950’s following the accidental mating of the Maltese and the Lhasa Apso.