Klein German Spitz



The Klein German Spitz is a small dog that looks great and that has all the trappings of the dog you would desire. This is a small sturdy and energetic doge which comes in a square build. The Klein German spits has an apple shaped head with a muzzle that tapers to a well defined point. The nose of the dog should always be black. The Klein German Spitz is a dog which has a full set of teeth. With their teeth meeting in a scissor bite. The ears of the dog stand semi erect and have a lot of feathering on them. The tail too is located high on the back and has a lot of feathering.


One of the most interesting things about the coat of the Klein German Spitz is that it comes with a harsh outer coat and a thick undercoat that helps it do well in any environment. There is no specified color coat for the dog and any color would do provided the dog conforms to the other parameters that have been identified. The height of the dog ranges between 9 – 12 inches. The range of weight that has been commonly observed in this dog is between 15 – 35 pounds.


This dog is one that is perceived as a loving, happy and ever energetic dog. This makes the ideal household pet in that they are well mannered and their temperament is warm, making this a dog of choice that can live in a family setting. This dog can adapt well while living with young and old people as well. It is recommended that daily exercise of about 30 minutes be accorded to this dog to ensure that their requirements are met. It is important to note that the Klein German Spitz is a very intelligent dog, thus training it will take quite a little amount of time.

As an owner of the Klein German Spitz, it is important to display proper leadership to the dog. This helps the dog to learn the best behavior. Failure to display the requisite leadership to the dog causes an array of behavioral problems including biting on items, excessive barking to even being their own boss and not listening to commands.

Health Problems

The Klein German Spitz is a generally healthy dog that must be well treated. No adverse health problems have been documented. To stay away from lifestyle diseases, it is recommended that exercise be highly regarded to ensure the dog does not become overweight.


The Klein German Spitz is a generally healthy dog and has been shown to live for long without many problems. The average lifespan is 12 years.


This dog is a high shedder and with its medium length coat, daily brushing is recommended to ensure that it does not leave a lot of fur in most areas of the body.


The closest relative of this dog is the Siberian Samoyed. It is traced to Germany hundreds of years back when there was need to have a small dog bred to assist in hunting. It has by and by gone to become one of the most common household pets.