Japanese Spitz



The Japanese Spitz is a dog that has been seen commonly in most parts of the world. It is mainly loved because of its pure white undercoat that it has. This is a great dog to have and has been used in numerous dog shows around the world. The dog has an apple shaped head, with a pointed muzzle. . The nose of this dog is almost always black. The ears of this dog are always erect and covered by feathering hair. The height of the dog is highly placed, with the legs being shorter than the overall length. The tail of the dog is curled at the back and is feathered too. The teeth of this dog are of complete dentition and meet in a scissors bite.


The main identifying feature of this dog is its normally white coat. This dog has two coats. A smooth undercoat and a long outer coat that looks amazing when well groomed. At the bottom of the dog, the general coat is short, whereas other areas have long coats of hair. The head too does not have the long coat of hair. The eyes are large and oval in shape, with the eye rims being black in colure. The color of the eyes is dark tan and dark black. The feet have very dense feathering. Average height of this dog is between 12 – 15 inches while the weight range is 11 – 20 pounds.


The Japanese Spitz is a very jovial dog that is both intelligent as it is playful. Training it is quite easy, as it is highly interested in pleasing its master and being rewarded. The dog is generally very bold and loves its space. This is a good dog to have with older children as the children must be able to assert commands and leadership. As it is also very intelligent, failure of leadership makes the dog decide on what t do on its own. Consistency in training is one of the ways to assert yourself as a leader to the dog, and with that, the dog does regard you as the pack leader. The dog gets along well with other household pets. It should however not be trusted to stay with other non canine pets as it may be tempted to hunt them. Exercise on a daily basis is important if the dog is to have the required behavior. Failure to provide the dog with the required exercise makes the dog get a lot of behavior problems that may be quite challenging to resolve.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems with this dog. Weight should be checked on the dog to ensure that it does not face any complications in health as a result of being overweight.


Average lifespan of this dog is about 12 years. Most dogs ill live through these years with mortality being in the last quarter.


Regular grooming of the Japanese spitz is important to ensure the dog looks good and matt of hair is avoided. This dog is an average shedder and combing helps the hair loss be contained.


The suggested relative of the Japanese Spitz is the Siberian Samoyed which was referred to as the Spitz when the smaller breeds were achieved. The dog became very popular in the 1950’s in Japan, and has spread all over the world since then.