Japanese Chin



The Japanese Chin is also referred to as the Japanese Spaniel. This is a small square dog that is broad and has wide set eyes, a small and short muzzle and very small V shaped ears. The location of the ears is slightly below the crown of the skull. The ears are covered with a lot of hair. The color of the nose varies, being black in dogs of a black color coat, white in those with a white color coat and multicolored in other variations.

The eyes protrude to the outside, being dark in color with the exact color varying from different coated dogs. The dog has an undershot bite and the body length and height seem to be equal. Both the front and back legs are straight and finely boned and the elbows being very close to the body. . This gives the dog an upright position and allows for a fine top line of the dog that is ever straight. The height of the tail is et high over the back and is feathered with hair or could lack the hair.


The color of the dog could be patched and the color coat of the dog could be either black, red, orange, tan, black and white, or white with tan points. Brindle is also a common color in these dogs. The height of these dogs is commonly at about 7 – 11 inches. The common weight range that has been shown severally is 4 pounds – 15 pounds.


The charm that is brought by the Japanese Chin is unmistakable. This dog is ever lively and happy and ranks high as a household pet. The dog is also loving, intelligent as it is affectionate. The Japanese Chine is also thoroughly devoted to its master, making it a great dog to cuddle with after a long day at work. One thing that makes this dog stand out is that it does not bark. This ensures the dog makes great company while it does not distract a lot of people. The Japanese Chin also deals well with other pets as it does with strangers, being excited to meet every person their master approves. Upon teaching the dog obedience training, it follows through provided leadership is shown. Lack of leadership causes numerous behavior problems which may be quite difficult to resolve. As it is a small dog, exercise done inside the house is sufficient.

Health Problems

Common problems include eye problems, respiratory problems as well as distemper. These dogs are also affected by heat and a heatstroke may cause multiple problems.


This dog without the aforementioned problems which limit its lifespan lives for about 10 years.


Daily grooming is important because of the long hair coat that this dog has. Every 2 -3 months. It is important to take it to a professional groomer to get the best results. This is an average shedding dog.


This dog has been in existence for hundreds of years, being a native of China and being offered to nobles in Japan. This spread made it to grow into Japan. It was formally recognized by the AKC in 1977.