Jack Russell Terrier Smooth



The smooth coated jack Russell terrier is a sturdy medium sized dog. This dog has a length and height being of almost equal size. The dog has a flat skull and a long muzzle that come to a well defined end. The nose of this dog is always black. The top line of the dog is always straight and level. The front legs of the Jack Russell are straight but the legs at the back are slightly arched.

The mouth of the dog is well built with there being a well built jaw an a complete dentition. The teeth meet at a scissors bite, though it is not t uncommon to find teeth that are level. The dog’s ears droop to the sides as the eyes are almond shaped, with the distance that is there between the ears and eyes being very small.


The appearance of the smooth coated variety of the Jack Russell Terrier comes in many varieties. There is a pure white variety of the Jack Russell, though most of the colors are seen to be those that are tricolor. Among these include white and black, tan or even brown. The chest is well formed as this allows the dog to function for its primary breeding objective and that is hunting. The average height of the dog that has been documented and accepted across most breeders is between 10 – 15 inches while the acceptable weight range is between 14 – 18 inches.


The Jack Russell is a lively, energetic dog that is ever cheerful and devoted to their master. The love being on the outdoors on a regular basis, thus a consideration of the exercise needs of the dog must be met. This is an excellent family dog that will find a lot of fun to be with the kids. It is however recommended that the kids that play with it must be authoritative in giving commands for the dog to follow. It is advised that Commends must be offered sternly as the dog must learn to treat you as the pack leader.

As this dog is very intelligent, training is very easy. It is important to note that the Jack Russell is a very crafty dog and has ability to scale heights including trees and should therefore be considered at all times.

Health Problems

Among the common health problems include eye problems, mast cell tumors and joint pains which are quite common. Joint problems have been common, with knee cap dislocation being the most common of it.


Most dogs will leave for about 15 years but the above mentioned problems reduce the lifespan significantly.


Grooming is easy for the smooth coated Jack Russell as a weekly brush is sufficient. If the dog is particularly dirty, it is recommended that it should be wiped down. Brushing the hair with a stiff brush once a week is sufficient.


The Jack Russell origin is traced back to 1800 when a clergy man Jack Russell bred these dogs, looking for the perfect hunt dog traits.