Jack Russell Terrier Rough



The Jack Russell Terrier is a tough yet sturdy terrier dog of medium size. The length of the dog is equal to that of its height. The image it does present is that of a compact dog that is well proportioned. The Jack Russell has a flat looming skull while the muzzle is long and pointed. The ears and eyes have a very small distance between them, with the ears being well defined and drooping slightly.

The eyes ought to be almond shaped and not overly pronounced. In most cases, the color of the eyes is black, though the color may vary to dark shades of the dog’s skin coat color. The nose of the dog ought to be always black in color. The dog has a strong jaw and teeth that meet In an interlocking manner, similar to the scissors. In some, level teeth may be found.


The color coat of the rough coated Jack Russell terrier is quite wide with white being the most common. Tricolors are also common including white with tan, brown or even black. The dog has equal front and back legs, with the front legs being well built and straight while the back legs are slightly arched. Even with arching of the hind legs, the top line of the dog is always straight. The chest appearance is small but with a lot of muscles. The average height is 10 – 15 inches while the weight range is 14 – 18 pounds.


The jack Russell doubles p well as a work dog and as a pet. As a work dog, it is used as a hunt dog. It is a cheerful, hardworking and devoted dog who always makes the environment they are in fun to be. This dog loves to play, either with the owner or with toy. They love merry making. This is a dog that is very kind to children out of its personality and it makes a very good dog to train.

Lack of sufficient exercise causes a lot of problems including separation anxiety, excessive barking and chewing on household items. There must be a firm show of leadership for the dog to value their master as the pack leader. Exercise and enough play can also help deal with most of the behavior problems, as the dogs have an instinct of play. One of the things that must be noted of this dog is that it has extra abilities of climbing and jumping, thus it is important to be wary of where they are to maintain their safety.

Health Problems

Joint problems are common with this dog, with the most common being knee cap dislocation. Other problems here include inherited eye diseases and deafness. Mast cell tumors are also a common occurrence in this breed.


The aforementioned issues reduce the lifespan of the dog. The average lifespan is about 15 years.


The rough coated Jack Russell is easy to groom as the hair is not quite long. A weekly brush of its coat is recommended if the dog does not travel too much and gets in contact with dirt.


The name Jack Russell comes from a Clergyman who lived in the 1800’s and developed this breed as a specialty hunting dog. These dogs have been bred to date for their hunting and tracking ability and that of being able to perform tricks.