Glen of Imaal Terrier



The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a dog that in many ways resembles the Welsh Corgi. This dog is low and has very short legs. The skull of the dog is slightly dome shaped and has a tapering that slopes towards the eyes. The muzzle tapers and at its base is the black nose. The teeth meet to a scissor bite. The dog has round and medium sized eyes which are mostly brown in color.


The dog as mentioned closely resembles the Welsh corgi in appearance. It has a harsh undercoat and a medium length soft undercoat. Among the most common color coats of the dog include cream, wheaten, silver and brindle. The ears of the dog are of rose shape. The ears are dominantly located on top of the head. The legs of the dog are bowed and strong. The tail of the Glen of Imaal terrier can either be docked or left natural. It is however important to note that most regions of the world have outlawed docking in dogs. Docking involves cutting off half the tail of the dog. The average height of the dog is 14 inches while the average weight of the dog is about 34 – 36 pounds.


The Glen of Imaal terrier is a brave and well spirited do that is devoted to the owner. This is a good family dog that will make everyone mellow at the love and kindness it brings. It can be used as a hunting dog where it is very active whereas it becomes composed when indoors. The Glen of Imaal terrier is a dog that is quite intelligent and is very responsive in obedience training, trying its best to please its owners. Being harsh on the dog does not help in the event you are unhappy with the dog.

Being calm yet authoritative makes the dog recognize you as the pack leader. This dog without sufficient exercise can be quite a problem, with multiple behavior problems being exhibited.When with children, the Glen of Imaal Terrier is a very well behaved dog. It is however advised that the children that are in constant contact with it must be of an age where they can exert their authority. This dog should not be trusted and be left alone with non canine pets as their hunting instincts may kick in. As the dog loves to dig and hunt, it is best suitable for a country home where it can exercise as much as it likes.

Health Problems

The health problem of the dog that is common is hip dysplasia. It is also affected by flea allergies and Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA.


Normal life curves are seen in this dog, though as the health condition sets in, less years are lived. The average lifespan is 13 – 14 years


Grooming is easy as the hai just needs weekly brushings. A professional groom where itshair is cut is recommended at least twice an year.


This dog is of Irish descent where it was largely used for hunting small game. It was officially recognized by the AKC in 2004.