English Cocker Spaniel



The English Coker spaniel is a medium sized dog that has an arched head which on the side view looks flat. It has a small muzzle that is similar in length to the head size and it comes to an abrupt stop. The teeth of this dog meet in a scissors bite. The dog has medium sized eyes of which are hazel to liver in color. The ears of the dog are set low and droop over the head as silky hair covers them. The dog has a deep chest. The top line of the dog is also straight meaning that the back and front legs are equal. The tail is normally docked in this dog.


This dog has a long silky hair coat that is glossy and when well groomed will look amazing. It is however important to note that the hair on the head is generally shorter than that on the head. There is however feathering on the chest, ears, legs and abdomen. In most cases the coat colors will be seen in solid colors with the most common being red, white, black or white with black. The multicolored dogs are commonly referred to as roans. The height range that is seen in most of the English Cocker Spaniel dogs ranges between 14 to 17 inches while the common weight range seen is 26 – 34 pounds.


The English Cocker spaniel is a popular dog as it is sturdy, intelligent and robust in doing most of the work that it is tasked to do. Its intelligence level makes training exciting, as it is always interested in learning and pleasing their master. This dog is naturally brave and tends to be very protective of their owners. They are lovable and adorable dogs and do exceptionally well with children. Without enough socialization, this dog is timid and it must therefore be socialized with people from an early age.

This dog is also very energetic and must always get its daily exercise, failure to which the dog will get into a wide array of behavior problems. The English Cocker Spaniel is very sensitive to the owner’s voice and can be able to tell if the tone commands leadership. As the dog learns you are the pack leader, it grows to understand that it must always do what it is told to do.

Health Problems

Among the common health problems that affect the English Cocker Spaniel include ear infections especially during the summer which can cause deafness. Weight gain must always be checked on to ensure there are no associated problems.

Mortality is generally low across all stages of life, with the dog seeming to enjoy a full life of about 12 – 15 years.


Regular combing of the hair coat is important as it allows dirt be removed and matt not be formed. Brushing is always recommended especially after walks where dirt might cause the hair to adhere to each other. Cleaning ears is recommended to avoid damage to the inner ear.


The English Cocker Spaniel is said to have come to England hundreds of years ago, with several varieties of Cocker and Springer spaniels being the immediate relatives. It was formally recognized by the AKC in 1946