Dog’s Origin


The origin of small dogs differs from breed to breed. Although all dogs share similar origin which they are grouped as canines, a more thorough evaluation shows that different dogs have been bred to perform specific purposes. It is ok to conclude that depending on the needs that the breeders had in mind and the environment that the dog lived in, the dog was bred for a specific purpose.

One of the largest dog groups is the terrier breed. This breed has numerous small, medium sized and large breeds alike. With our focus in large breeds, the breeding locations of the terriers vary. In most case, the terrier name comes with the area that it was developed in. The highest population of the terrier breed seems to be concentrated in the UK and the USA.

A good example is the American terrier, Boston terrier and Rat terriers which have their origin in America. Other breeds include the Norwich terrier, the Cairn terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Dandie Dinmont terrier, Bedlington terrier, Border terrier, and the Skye terrier, all which seem to have originated from the UK. There are other breeds of the terrier such as the Australian terrier which have become native to Australia, though a thorough evaluation of the dog seems to have its genetics coming from the UK. The Brazilian terrier is yet another popular terrier, with its origin being Brazil where it was bred originally.

The terrier is loved in that different breeds are totally different and bear little to no resemblance. This makes it a good breed of dog for people with different requirements to choose. Also, the temperament of dogs in the terrier group vary widely and the exact temperament of a dog can be found, from a dog that loves to keep company of people  to one that can be used as a guard dog. The terrier is also widely known for its intelligence and ability to perform tricks easy, thus the reason why you might have come across several terriers performing in circuses.

The spaniel is yet another group of small dogs that have a lot of popularity around the world. The main reason as to why the spaniel is loved by many is it is naturally beautiful, intelligent and has a great temperament, fitting in with new people and families with children. Also, the spaniel group of dog is exciting to have at home and has very few exercise needs, making it a great choice for a person who lives in an apartment. The spaniel is a dog whose origin exclusively is to the United Kingdome which comprises of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Dachshund is also another popular dog that is loved by many and is mainly preferred as a result of its characteristic long body and short legs. This dog is mainly used as a show dog in most places as well as a toy dog. The Dachshund is a dog whose origin is said to be Germany and which has through time been relocated in most parts of the world.

The Chihuahua is another very common dog which is widely loved as a great companion dog whose temperament fits its bill. In the recent past, celebrity figures have made the breed even more popular by carrying them around in bags. The origin of the Chihuahua is said to have been from Mexico and from that, the dog has continually been bred with smaller breeds seeming to fetch higher figures.

If you are looking for small dogs native to Asia, it is a good idea to think about dogs such as the Chinese crested, the Japanese Chin, and the Japanese Spitz, the Japanese terrier or the Shih Tzu.

The Spitz variety is also a very common coat of small dog that can be chosen, especially for the instances when a color specific dog is required. Common dogs in this breed are well mannered, highly intelligent and pleasurable company. These dogs are very easy to train as a result of their high intelligence, thus a very easy dog to have around. The Spitz dog doubles up as a good guard dog, only barking when absolutely necessary.

Africa has also been shown to contribute a dog into the classification, with the African Hairless terrier being a well renowned dog which has through time been shown to be a very well mannered and intelligent dog. The dog was mainly used to hunt small game.

France is also a well known republic which has contributed to the small dogs list with Coton De Tulear, a dog that was recently bred from the French Bichon. These are intelligent and well mannered dogs which can be used as great companion dogs.

Irrespective of the dog you choose, it is advisable that a thorough evaluation of the behavior problems to expect well before hand so that you can know of how best to deal with the said problems. Failure to do so makes it quite difficult for the problems to be managed.

As a precaution, it is always advisable to offer firm leadership to the dog of choice so that they can understand that you are the pack leader. This makes it quite easy for you to manage the dog, as it sees you in a position of leadership. Poor leadership amplifies the behavior problem and makes it quite difficult o manage the dog’s problems.

Also , it is recommended that you ensure the dog’s grooming regime is followed as closely as possible as failure to this causes the dog to form matting in the hair, especially those with long hair coats which ruins the dog.