Dogs by Their Nature, Like Easy to Train

Dogs by Their Nature, Like Easy to Train

Choosing a dog largely depends on what your envisioned results are with the dog. As the age old adage goes, you cannot teach old dog new tricks. To avoid the probability of being stuck with a dog whose nature you do not love, it is good to understand the natural history of the dog so that you can know if the dog’s history fits what you look up to.

One of the things to consider when you look at the dogs of choice is the temperament of the dog you desire. Different dogs come naturally tempered. It is therefore recommended that the ideal choice of dog be found first in the temperament. You can have kind dogs, selfish dogs who do not understand how to be around visitors or even family, caring dogs which are friendly to every person or even dogs that have over time been seen as the best behaved.

To understand the temperament of the dog of choice, it is ideal to understand the reason as to why the dog was bred in the first place. It is very hard to take a dog whose genetics have been finely picked to be a fight dog and have it be a calm dog which will be very well mannered. As such, a careful evaluation should be made on the way dogs were chosen by their nature.

Another popular reason that dogs were bred was hunting, especially for small game. This can help you in choosing a doge whose hearing and sniffing capability is quite advanced as opposed to the average dog. Depending on the chosen dog, it is recommended that the dog chosen should be one that has been extensively researched on.

Another thing to consider when choosing a dog is the probability that the dog is easy to train. Training helps forge a very strong bond between the owner and the puppy and a naturally intelligent dog makes training fun. In the small dogs list are numerous dogs whose intelligence is varying. Choosing a dog that is easy to train makes it a great choice to work with.

Another thing to be considered when thinking of the nature of the small dogs are the health problems that the dogs are prone to. Most of the small dogs seem to be prone to bone dislocations, largely as a result of poor handling where they live and in others as a result of genetic selection. A thorough review of the family from which a specific dog comes from can help you in understanding the best choice of dog to go for.

Finally, the nature of the dogs can help you know the possible behavior problems you ought to expect and how to deal with them. Some dogs will face anxiety problems; others will face a problem of barking excessively, chewing on items, being timid and the list goes on. Being wary of some of the problems to expect helps you know on how best to deal with the problem when it arises.