Dachshund Wirehaired



The wirehaired dachshund has a wry look, with its hair being of medium length and tough. As with other varieties of the dachshund, the body is longer than the height of the dog. The short legs are a characteristic of the dachshund which was been bred to serve as a hunting dog for small game.

The head of the wirehaired dachshund is convex in shape while the muzzle is pointed and long. The ears of the dog droop over the cheeks while the tail droops over the back. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. It has almond shaped eyes which have varying colors depending on the hair coat.


The hair coat of the dachshund is of medium sized tough hair which hives the hair a wiry look. There are a variety of common colors in this dog. Among the colors commonly seen include grey, black, tan, blue, white, cream which is referred to as wheaten in the wirehaired variety. A color combination is common in most wire haired dachshunds. The dog has a well developed sternum that is muscular and has short well built legs.


The wirehaired dachshund is an active dog that is suitable for apartment living. iIt is jovial, loving and affectionate and will do well with children and other pets. As it is willing to please its master, training is relatively easy. The main challenge that is there is that the dachshund owner will face is house breaking the dog, though with a lot of patience and consistency, there can be success achieved. This breed is a good dog for travel as it enjoys the breeze and is not affected by travel. Exposing the dog to new sounds and people at an early age is preferred to ensure the dog does not become timid or shy later on in life. Exercise is also an important part of the dog’s regime as failure causes behavior problems to occur such as excessive barking, separation anxiety, guarding food to even biting. The height range for the wire haired dachshund is between 5 – 11 inches and the average weight is 11 pounds.

Health Problems

Spinal problems are common in the wirehaired dachshund as are urinary problems, diabetes and heart disease. Weight management helps reduce these problems.


There is relatively a full life lived by most wire haired dachshunds, most living an average of 12 – 15 years. Dogs affected by the health problems above have a lower lifespan and their lifespan is greatly reduced.


The wire haired dachshund should have its hair groomed at least twice a week. Hair on the feet and ears should be trimmed to ensure proper hygiene and health. A bath once a month is recommended for the extremely active dog and for the less active, wiping with a cloth will do.


The dog’s history is traced back to Germany in the 1600’s , a time when breeders were looking for a breed of dog that would have served well in hunting small game such as rabbits and badgers. This breed was formally recognized by the AKC in 1885.