Dachshund Smooth



The shape of the dachshund makes it stand out as it is unique in the sense that it seems to have a longer body length as opposed to the height of the body. This variation is especially a trait that was sought after when the dog was being bred, to make it an excellent hunting dog for small game. The dog has a convex head and a long muzzle. The ears are floppy and droop over the ears. The teeth of the dachshund meet in a scissors bite. The tail falls over at the back.


As the name suggests, the smooth haired variety of the dachshund has a smooth body coat. There are various color coats that this dog may have. Among the common color coat for the smooth coated variety include cream, blue, tan, white, chocolate, grey, fawn, brown and black. A variety of colors may be on the dachshund. This dog has a muscular sternum and short but strong legs. The hair coat of the short haired variety seems shiny and glossy.


The short haired dachshund is a lively, active dog that is affectionate and loving. It is always willing to please its master and thus follows every direction. This makes its obedience training quite easy. One thing that is common is that the dog is very difficult to housebreak and a lot of patience is required to potty train it. It is a dog that is easy to travel with, making every trip adventurous and lively.

Any dachshund owner must practice leadership to the dog so that the dog does not develop behavior problems. Among the most common behavior problems to be seen include gnawing on items, jealousy, guarding of food, separation anxiety and excessive barking. Daily exercise is also important in ensuring that the dog gets the exercise it desires. The height of the dog ranches from 5 – 11 inches while the average weight is about 11 pounds for an adult.

Health Problems

Among the health problems that the short haired dachshund faces are Dachshund paralysis, a condition that affects the spinal column of the dog, urinary tract infections, diabetes and heart disease. Weight gain has been associated with increased heat problems.


The quality of life of the dachshund is affected by any of the above diseases setting in. These diseases greatly contribute to early mortality. Average lifespan is however 12 – 15 years.


Grooming of the short haired dachshund is quite easy as all it requires is brushing the coat with a smooth brush at least once a week. Wiping the dog with a wet cloth is recommended over washing to protect the skin coat from drying and dandruffs forming.