Dachshund Longhaired



The Dachshund is a dog that is characteristically unique in that it seems to have body that is longer than its height, coming out of the short legs that it has. The longhaired variety as the name would denote has a long hair coat. The dog has a convex head with a long muzzle. The teeth meet in a scissors bite and the lips do not protrude. The dog’s ears are floppy and fall over to the cheeks. The sternum looks muscular and protrudes to the outside. The tail of the dog follows on the top line of the dog, drooping down at the end.


As said earlier, the dachshund has long hair that makes it look a fluffy dog. There is a wide color variety, of which includes red, black, tan, chocolate, fawn, cream, blue and grey. It is also quite common to find a dachshund that has tricolors which could be a combination of any of the above mentioned colors.


The dachshund though small is a brave, loving and affectionate dog. It is a great option for a family dog as it blends well with family members. It is a very difficult dog to housebreak, though with consistency, it will work quite well. The Dachshund also travels very well and brings in a lot of fun with every trip.

To ensure of the best behavior from the do, taking charge of the house is a must for the dog owner. Failure to be a good leader makes the dog be susceptible to behavior problems where the dog tends to take the lead. Among the behavior problems that are most common in the dachshund include gnawing on items, separation anxiety, barking and guarding food. Most of these problems can be resolved by good leadership and sufficient daily exercise. The height range is anywhere between 5 – 11 inches and the weight range is about 11 pounds for a mature adult dog.

Health Problems

The main challenge faced by this dog is spinal problems, a condition referred to as Dachshund paralysis. Other health problems include urinary tract infections and diseases, heart disease and diabetes mellitus. In recent times cancerous tumors have been evidenced in this breed of dog. Weight problems could also complicate the above problems, thus it is important to check they do not get overweight.


Low mortality is seen in healthy dogs, though there is high mortality when any of the above mentioned health problems set in. Average lifespan is about 12 – 15 years.


Daily brushing is recommended for the long haired dachshund to ensure hair matt does not occur. Trimming of the hair should be done by a professional at least twice a year.


The history of the Dachshund is said to be in Germany in the 1600’s. The dog was being bred so as to allow for hunting of small game such as the rabbit and badgers. Their short legs make it possible to follow the hunt even into their holes of hiding. The breed however spread from Germany to go far and wide to all regions of the world. The Dachshund was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1885.