Chinese Crested Powderpuff



The Powder puff Chinese Crested dog is the variety that has hair on its body. This is a small dog that has a wedge shaped head with a muzzle that tapers into the cheeks. The powder puff Chinese Crested dog is not as valuable in most breeders’ eyes, as it is the hairless dog that is sought after. The eyes of the dog are almond in shape and the color may vary depending on the coat that the dog has.


The hair coat of the Chinese Crested is a long and soft variety of hair that is smooth to the touch. The color of the nose is either dark or light depending on the skin coat of the dog. It is also important to recognize that the Chinese Crested dog has large ears that stand erect. The tail of the dog is hairy and bushy, similar to the color coat of the dog. The maximum height acceptable for the Powder puff Chinese Crested is 12 inches while the weight should be no more than 10 pounds.


The dog is agile, charming loving and ever alert. it is a great choice of dog to keep children company. It is however recommended that children be trained on how to handle the dog when playing as it is a very sensitive breed and prone to injury if it is mishandled. It is also advisable that the dog should be exposed to loud noises while it is still young to make it be accustomed to the sounds and avoid it being timid.

As the dog is naturally small, there is a tendency to baby the dog and make it seem as though it is a puppy. This is not desirable as it makes the dog too dependent on the owner such that when they leave, the dog has major separation anxiety and makes noise for long periods. The Hairy Chinese Crested dog is best suited for rural country homes which have a yard and trees as these dogs love to dig holes as well as to climb trees.

Health Problems

Among the problems that face the Powder puff Chinese Crested dog include weight gain which tends to affect multiple organs. Exercise and diet should always go hand in hand. It is also prone to flea allergies as well as lanolin and wool allergy. Tooth loss and decay has also been quite common in this dog.


There is high mortality in early life for the Chinese crested, largely dependent on the fact that they are a small breed and handling is therefore crucial. In normal circumstances, the average lifespan of the dog is about 10- 12 years.


The Powder puff Chinese Crested variety needs a thorough grooming regimen to ensure it looks good. A daily regime of brushing its hair is recommended to ensure the dog is always looking great. A once a month wash is recommended depending on the activity of the dog as dong it more often causes the dog to have a dry coat and dandruffs. It is also recommended that extra care to the hair should be taken when the dog is shedding


The most direct relative of the Powder puff Chinese Crested dog is the African Hairless Terrier which is thought to have been taken by Chinese Sailors from the African coasts when they docked and moved to China.