Chihuahua Short Coat



The Chihuahua is popular around the world as one of the smallest dog breeds. This makes the dog an excellent choice for a person who looks for a small dog for apartment living. It is a small dog that has an apple shaped head and a sharp and pointed muzzle. The eyes of the Chihuahua are characteristically large and come in various colors among the most popular being black, brown or a light color that is seen in white Chihuahuas. The tail could either be long, sickle celled or curled over the back. It is well built around the chest and looks quite athletic even with its small size.


The color coat of the short haired Chihuahua is short, looking generally glossy as all the hair falls smooth on the body. The most common color coats for the short haired Chihuahua include fawn, steel blue, white, black and tan and chestnut. It is also common to have a Chihuahua which has multiple colors on their coat. The height of the short haired Chihuahua is between 6 – 9 inches while the weight varies between 2 – 6 pounds.


The Chihuahua is an exciting companion who is energetic and always adventurous and proud of its owner. It is a loving and affectionate dog, doing well even with children. As it is strong willed, a lot of leadership is required from the owner to assert his position as the pack leader to prevent from behavior problems that the Chihuahua has. Among these problems include excessive barking, separation anxiety and jealousy. Housetraining the Chihuahua may tend to be difficult and requires a lot of patience. Training should be firm as some Chihuahuas tend to have a mind of their own and might be unwilling to cooperate. The Chihuahua owners tend to treat the dog as a puppy for most parts, even for an adult dog because of their size and this is retrogressive and must be checked on. Daily exercise is recommended for satisfying the Chihuahua’s migration instinct.

Health Problems

Among the health problems that the Chihuahua faces include eye problems due to their large eyes, patella luxation, gum disease and colds. Weight gain could also cause multiple organ health problems and must be checked on. Food toxicity is also common, especially with chocolate. Giving birth is a challenge too as most puppies have very large heads at birth, necessitating caesarean section.


The Chihuahua faces high mortality at birth as a result of the above mentioned problem giving birth. It also faces multiple fractures and accidents, increasing the rate. The average lifespan is however about 15 years.


The short coat Chihuahua does not need a lot of care as a brush of its hair coat once a week with a stiff brush is sufficient. A bath once a month is sufficient.


The Chihuahua is said to have originated in Mexico where it takes its name from and brought to America in the 29t century. Among its closest relative is the Fennec Fox.