Chihuahua Long Coat



The Chihuahua is one of the dogs renown the world over for their tiny look and their adaptability to apartment living. The general look of the dog is a small dog that has an apple shaped head and with a sharp, pointed muzzle. The Chihuahua has characteristically large eyes that make it look adorable. In puppies, there is a soft spot that is on their heads called morela which fuses together as they become adults.


The overall coat of the Long coat Chihuahua long as the name suggests. The eyes of the Chihuahua may vary, either being ruby, dark or a lighter shade in white dogs. The tail of the Chihuahua varies and can either be long, short, flat or wavy. The tail can be long curled on the back or sickle shaped. The color coat of the Chihuahua includes fawn, silver, black, blue black and tan white or chestnut. In most Chihuahuas, it is quite common to see a mixture of colors. The height of the Chihuahua is 6 – 9 inches while the weight for adults ranges between 2 – 6 pounds.


If after a good companion dog,. It is interesting to note that the Chihuahua is a great companion dog which is extremely lively, adventurous and proud. It is also loving, affectionate and strong willed. Chihuahua’s attachment to their owners is very strong. It is also a very intelligent dog that tends to take up lessons quickly. This makes obedience training quite enjoyable. Some Chihuahuas may be difficult to train as their intelligence tends to give them a mind of their own which can at times be very creative. Housetraining the Chihuahua may at times be difficult and requires a lot of patience. To prevent its dominant behavior, it is advisable to have strong leadership for the dog , so that they know you are the pack leader. This results to good temperament for the dog and it becomes a pleasure to have it as your accompaniment.

Among the most common behavior problems that ought to be curtailed upon include jealousy, separation anxiety, aggression and barking. It is important to overlook the breed of dog and treat the Chihuahua as any other dog as their size tends the dog to be treated as a puppy for most times. Daily walks for the Chihuahua are recommended as they provide a lot of exercise and satisfy the Chihuahua’s migration instinct.

Health Problems

The Chihuahua is prone to numerous health problems among them patella luxation, colds, gum disease, eye problems and weight gain. Chocolate has been also shown to cause toxicity and its diet must closely be watched.


Mortality is high at birth as most Chihuahua’s tend to be born via caesarean section since puppies have very large heads. Puppies after birth are also susceptible to fractures and accidents which further increase their mortality rate. The life expectancy for a healthy Chihuahua is about 15 years.


Daily brushing of the long coat Chihuahua is recommended as it is an average shedder. A bath per month is sufficient. Ear hair should be trimmed regularly to avoid matting and infection.


It is said that the origin of the Chihuahua is in Mexico where it derives its name and brought to Europe at the end of the 19th century. It is thought to have originated from the Fennec Fox.