Cesky Terrier



The Cesky terrier is also commonly referred to as the Bohemian terrier and is a small but long dog. The Cesky terrier has similar looks to the Sealyham terrier, as it has a wedge shaped head, a bushy beard, eyebrows and a moustache.

The bridge that is at the nose is quite straight, coming to an abrupt stop. The color of the nose varies between black or even liver colored. The eyes are medium in size and almond in shape. The teeth meet in a scissors bite, otherwise referred to as a level bite. The tail is long, being about 7 – 8 inches long on average.


The Cesky terrier comes with a silky coat that is slightly wavy. There are two main color coats in this dog these are grey and brown. When puppies are born, there is a wide variety of color coats that are there including black, tan or brown. The color however sets in after about 2 or 3 years settling on either grey or a brown. Traces of black may appear on the head, ears, tail and feet. White markings may appear on the vent, cheeks, beard, limbs or chest. The height of the dog is 10 – 13 inches while the weight is about 13 – 23 pounds.


The Cesky terrier is calm yet playful as it is patient. It is a good companion for children, enjoying company of new faces. It is also a very brave dog in as much small, being independent, trainable and easy to handle. Early socialization when the dog is a puppy makes it outgoing and easy to make friends.

Just as most terriers are, behavioral problems are prone to the Cesky terrier is you as the owner do not take the lead as a pack leader. Regular walks are also quite important to ensure the dog gets sufficient exercise. If looking for a travel companion on a road trip, the Cesky terrier is the dog to work with. Regular exercise is a good way to minimize the problems of the dog.

Health Problems

Although this breed is shown to be generally healthy, a condition that has been shown to occur widely is the Scottie Cramp Sysndrome which makes the dog walk in an awkward manner.


The dog can live an average of 12 – 15 years, though there has not been much data that shows high mortality, rather than within the last few years of their lifespan which is out of natural causes.


Trimming of the hair coat is recommended, only leaving the hair on the legs, stomach and face. An interval of once every 3 months is recommended to ensure the right coat. Weekly brushing of the hair coat of the dog is also recommended as it is a mild shedder.


The Cesky terrier is said to have its roots from the Seakyham terrier, Scottish terrier and the Dandie Dinmont. This breed was recognized by the FCI in 1963. Its earlier uses were mainly hunting small animals, tracking and a guard dog.