Brussels Griffon



The Brussels Griffon is a small sturdy dog that has a large head that may seem disproportionate with the body. The head looks round and domed at the forehead, which comes to a very deep stop. The muzzle is very short and the tongue too looks big, hanging outside most of the time, being the major organ for perspiring.

It has large black eyes and some prominent eyelashes which are black. The ears are set high on the head and can be cropped or left natural. The natural ears seem semi erect, while the cropped ears stand up. The dog has straight bones and a flat back, while the tail is set high above the back and docked.


The Brussels Griffon comes with a smooth coat which is commonly referred to as the Petit Brabancon variety. In this variety of the Brussels Griffon, the hair is close, short, straight and glossy and it makes the dog look amazing when well groomed.

Among the colors that are there include a red – brown coat which come with a little black along the whiskers and chin or a black tan with slight red brown markings on the chin or just a solid black. In the multicolored Brussels Griffon, there are red or brown markings on the legs, edge of ears, chin and above the eyes. Their height range is between 7 – 8 inches and the weight being 6 – 12 pounds.


The Griffon is seen as an energetic and cheerful dog that enjoys company of the owner. Also, it comes with lots of personality and it makes it a great companion to have. The Brussels Griffon is Affectionate, charming, lively and quite energetic.

It is important to note the diet that should be chosen for the Brussels Griffon should be consistent as feeding the dog table scraps makes it a greedy dog and a picky eater. Strict discipline must be enforced to ensure the dog behaves in the desired manner. Behavior problems common in the Griffon include excessive barking, being a picky eater and separation anxiety.

Health Problems

Among the health problems that this dog faces include respiratory, eye and stifle. The Griffon is very sensitive to heat changes.


The Griffon is a dog that has high mortality rates at birth as its anatomy does not allow ease of giving birth. In most cases the griffon will need a caesarian section. Other than that, most griffons will lead a relatively normal life, living an average of 12 – 15 years.


Grooming is quite easy as the soft coat does not need much, only an occasional brushing of hair once a week. Shedding is also minimal for the griffon


The first of the Brussels Griffon is traced back to 1880 when it was first displayed in Brussels. There are three varieties of Griffon, the Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and Petit Griffon. The relatives of the Griffon are suggested to be the Petit Brabancon, Irish terrier, English Toy Spaniel and the Belgian Street dog.