Brazilian Terrier



The Brazilian terrier is a very unique dog. It is very rare to see a dog that has a tri –color coat. The dog is seen as a tall dog with a short hair coat and a triangular shaped head. It has a short muzzle and a black nose. The legs are tall and it looks a medium sized dog that is sturdy. The dog can double up both as a hunting dog and as a house dog, especially in farms.


As mentioned, the color of the Brazilian terrier is always a tricolor. The coat of the dog is quite short and it makes it easy to groom. The most common color coats include white, tan, black and brown. The tail can be docked or not. The general body appearance seems well balanced, in as much as the legs look tall. The height ranges from 14 – 16 inches while te common weight range is 15 – 20 pounds.


The Brazilian Terrier in many ways resembles the Jack Russell Terrier. It is an intelligent and alert dog who can do well as a watchdog, only barking when necessary. Their loyalty is unquestionable as they love being by their owners side. They do best in areas with yards where they can play and exercise.

It is not a suitable dog to have for apartment living as it’s exercise requirements if not met cause a lot of behavior problems. The Brazilian Terrier is spirited, fearless and generally kind to children and strangers alike. Training for the Brazilian terrier is quite easy, due to their high intelligence.

Failure to lead by example to the dog makes the dog become quite difficult. The Brazilian terrier has hunting instincts and can be very resourceful in dealing with rats and other rodents who you do not wish to see around. As the dog loves exploring, ensure that they are not let off the leash especially in public unless they are very well trained.

Health Problems

There are ho health problems that have been shown to exclusively affect the Brazilian terrier.


There is no high mortality in any stage of life, with the normal curve showing that high mortality comes through natural causes for most of the Brazilian terriers in the last years of their normal lifespan. The average lifespan of the Brazilian terrier is between 12 – 14 years.


As the hair coat of the Brazilian terrier is short, minimal grooming is require. Brushing the coat with a stiff brush once a week is advisable. Nail clipping should be done on a monthly basis depending on the growth of the nails noticed.


The origin of the Brazilian terrier dates back to Jack Russell Terriers that were brought into Brazil from Europe in early 19th century. The dog has been shown to have been bred from the Jack Russell Terrier, miniature Pinscher and large breeds of the Chihuahua and was used for hunting. Registration by the AKC is said to have come after 100 years in 1973.