Boston Terrier



The Boston terrier is also referred to as the Boston Bulls as they are stout and compact dogs that seem to have a lot of muscle. The dog comes with a square appearance. The head is square in shape and it is in proportion with other body parts. The nose is always black and the nose black and well defined. The bite of the dog is equal. The eyes are wide set, round and always dark.


The Boston terrier will have a short and fine texture coat which is straight and not crooked in any way. The muzzle of the dog is also square in shape, similar to the general appearance of the head. The ears are erect and can be cropped or not. The legs are broad and apart, coming from the wide chest that the dog has.

Among the common color coats for the dog include Black and white, brindle and white or brown and white. The tail is short and can be straight or screw shaped. The height range seen in the Boston terrier ranges between 15 – 17 inches while the weight range is between 10 – 25 pounds, with the ranges being seen amongst the sexes where the male is slightly larger.


The Boston terrier is a very alert dog that is enthusiastic as well as with good manners. The dog is however a challenge if sufficient exercise is not given to it to satisfy its walking instinct. Behavior problems have been reported to result. It is therefore important to give the do enough mental and physical exercise. As the Boston terrier enjoys learning, behavior and potty training are very easy to train.

Due to the intelligence of the dog, the owner must portray leadership to cement that he is the pack leader as failure to that, there is the probability of having numerous challenges in controlling the dog. The Boston terrier is an excellent watchdog, only barking when necessary.

The dog is affectionate and can do well with children and the elderly as well. The dog is very friendly with strangers and will behave very well, with a lot of affections and playfulness. It is a very popular dog, mainly due to its character and its discipline, relating well even with non canine pets such as birds, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Health Problems

Among the most common problems seen amongst the dogs include a myriad of eye problems with cataracts, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, corneal ulcers, disticiasis and entropion being the most common for the dog. Other health problems include patella luxation, heart tumors, skin tumors as well as mast cell tumors. Breathing difficulties are also common in hot weather due to the short face the dog has.


The mortality f the dog is quite high, especially on the onset of the above mentioned heath problems. For the relatively healthy Boston terriers, the average lifespan is approximately 15 years.


As the Boston terrier is short haired and smooth, cleaning is very easy. It only needs brushing its hair coat with a firm bristle brush. Cleaning the eyes on a regular basis is also recommended to prevent eye problems.


The history of the Boston terrier comes from Bull terriers which were kept as pit fighting dogs. The dog came about from a cross of the English Bull dog and the English White terrier. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893.