The Bolognese is a small dog who looks compact as it is covered with a fluffy coat. Its build is square in shape and with an ovoid skull. The skull length is just but slightly longer than the muzzle with the nose being on the same line.


The dog is covered with a fluffy white coat and has a nose that must be black. The upper lips are well formed, though they do not cover the lower lips. The dog has complete dentition, forming s scissor bite. The ears of the Bolognese are set high and are quite long and droop on the sides. The dog has a straight back, coming to the equal legs of the dog from the front and back.

The tail is set high and curled over the back. The body hair covers all body parts and is equally long in all parts of the body from top line to feet and from head to tail. Any color variations apart from pure white cannot be said to be a Bolognese. The hair never forms fringes and is fluffy. The height of the Bolognese ranges between 10 – 12 inches while the weight range is from 2.5 – 4 Kg.


This is a docile dog that has an average amount of energy, and they will mainly enjoy the company of their masters. The Bolognese is very reserved and shy, taking time to form relationships with canine friends and humans too. Even when they do form relationships, they tend to only make friends with those people who their master seems to approve. The Bolognese is a happy dog which will bring a lot of joy and love to a family. For the best behavior, it is important to make the dog accustomed to people from a very early age.

In training, the dog is quite calm and takes time to listen, thus is quite easy to train obedience training. Occasionally, the dog may howl when the owner leaves them, but this is normal as it cements to you that you are the pack leader. Separation anxiety is quite common especially when the Bolognese is young.

Health Problems

The Bolognese is one of the finer breeds and it has not been shown to have a health problem that affects it as a breed.


The average life expectancy of the Bolognese is about 14 years, and most dogs do reach the age with natural causes being the cause of death for most of the dogs.


As the dog has a long hair coat, it requires its hair to have daily brushing with monthly grooming sessions where a bath, nail trimming ear cleaning and clipping are done.


The dog has been in existence, even before Christ came, with its name coming up for mention by Aristotle in his works dated 384 -322 BC. In modern Era, the Bolognese was mentioned as one of the highly prized gifts that royalty could be offered, with a mention of the King of Spain, Phillipe II being offered a pair of Bolognese from Duke d’Este.