The Beagle is a little but sturdy dog that has a stark resemblance to the Foxhound. The body of the dog is square in shape and well built as the skull is dome shaped. The muzzle of the dog is medium in length with its large eyes which are commonly hazel or brown in color. The feet of the Beagle are all round and firm, with the tail being seen as curled over the back. The dog has wide pendant shaped ears.


The coat of the Beagle is medium in size and is shown in several variants. The most common color coats for the dog include black, lemon, tan orange, white or even tricolor, blue or even red tick. One of the most characteristic things that will identify the beagle is their unique bay bark. The height range of the Beagle is between 13 – 16 inches is the most common. There is also another class of beagle whose height is always below 13 inches. The weight ranges from 20 – 25 pounds in the adult dogs.


The beagle is a very loving and gentle dog to have. They get quite excited especially when they meet visitors, wagging their tails as they are excited to make friends. The beagle doubles up as an excellent work dog, especially for hunting as well as a household pet. The Beagle is a great pet to have when with children and is very intelligent, making training to be quite easy. In as much as it forms relationships with humans easy, it is not a good dog to be entrusted to non canine pets unless it has grown with the said pets since it was a puppy. Training the Beagle requires the trainer to be firm as the beagle is quite creative and will every once in a while disobey orders. This means that there is a lot of patience that is needed. Being a dog bred to work, a lot of exercise is a must and lack of it leads to a variety of behavior problems being manifested. It is advisable that until the Beagle becomes extremely disciplined when out on a walk, it should always be on a leash.

Health problems

The Beagle has been shown to be prone to several health problems, among the most common being dwarfism, referred to as chondroplasia where it has warped legs. Other problems include heart disease, epilepsy, back and eye problems.


Mortality is not high through life for a healthy Beagle. However, upon the onset of the aforementioned problems, their lifespan is significantly reduced. The average lifespan of a Beagle is 12 – 15 years.


To groom the Beagle is quite easy as it has a short and smooth hair coat. It is recommended that the hair coat of the Beagle be brushed at least once a week with a short and firm brush. Bathing is necessary depending on the dirt that they have, though once a month is enough for a house Beagle. Ears harbor infection and must be checked during grooming as well as trimming of nails.


The origin of the Beagle is traced down to the 1500’s where English hunters used to take this dog out for hunting. The dog came as a cross between Harrier and English Hounds. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.