American Eskimo dog (Toy)



There is no doubt that the toy American Eskimo Dog is an amazing dog which can be kept both in the house and in the outside as a working dog. This is a dog that bears resemblance to the German Spitz, a Nordic breed of dog. The white color of this dog is characteristic and beautiful to look at. It is classed as a small dog, as it is miniature sized dog. The skull and the muzzle of the dog seem to be equal, with the muzzle being characteristically pointed. The toy American Eskimo Dog has pointed ears and a curled tail at the back.


As earlier mentioned, the color coat of the American Eskimo is predominantly white, with very few cases where there are white streaks on the coat of the dog. It is also important to note that there is a mane similar to that a male lion has. No curling of hair is acceptable in this breed. Additionally, the eyes, gums, pads and nose should all be black in color. The length of the dog seems to be longer as opposed to the height. The toy American Eskimo dog is quite characteristic as its height is about 9- 12 inches and weighs at about 6 to 10 pounds.


The toy dog is only advisable to be a family dog and stay indoors as its size does not allow it to work much. Its intelligence is a good thing which makes teaching very easy. Children will enjoy being in the presence of the dog as it has an infectious personality and loves to play as it is willing to please.

This dog is ranked one of the best in abiding to obedience training. It is expected for the toy American Eskimo dog to be shy when it meets a visitor, though it catches up quite fast and makes friends. On the contrary, some of the behavior problems you can expect with the dog include separation anxiety, excessive barking to aggressiveness in some instances. Hyperactivity is common in this dog as a result of enough exercise.

The toy American Eskimo has several problems including hip dysplasia retinal atrophy as well as flea allergy. Eyes and tear ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid eye infections. Weight gain can also cause a lot of undesirable complications in life, thus exercise is important for the dog.


The average lifespan of the dog is approximately 15 years, and most of the mortality cases are seen in the last quarter of the dog’s life.


It is recommended that grooming ought to be done twice a week and a daily regimen be used when the dog is shedding. The toy American Eskimo is an average shedder.


According to records, the toy American Eskimo is a relative of the German Spitz, brought to America in the early 1900’s and renamed due to the strained relationships caused by World War 1. The first American Eskimo was registered in 1913.