American Eskimo Dog (Miniature)



The American Eskimo dog is a miniature sized dog that is quite beautiful and striking due to its white color. The general size of the dog is small to medium size depending on the variety of the dog. The head is shaped in the form of a wedge with the muzzle and skull being of about similar length. Its ears are triangular in shape and a tail that is plumed which is curled at the back. The strong legs of the dog assist it to trot boldly.


The general color coat of the dog is white and in some cases, white that has streaks of cream. In males, a predominant mane will be seen hanging about the neck area. No curliness is seen in this dog. The hair coat is generally straight in all areas. The length of the dog is generally longer as compared to its height. The eyes, nose, pad and gums should be black in color. The miniature American Eskimo dog ranges from 12 – 15 inches and 10 – 20 pounds.


This is a very affectionate dog and loving. It loves playing and is a good choice to play with outdoors. This dog is also ever mentally alert and has very high intelligence. It is very cooperative in training and can even do advanced training. This is a very good choice of dog if you have children as it is very playful. Initially, it is wary of strangers but upon introduction, they build friendship very fast. Training should be done early and the dog should learn that you are the pack leader.

Among the behavior problems noted for this dog include separation Anxiety, obsessive barking and aggressiveness.

Health Problems

Among the most common health problems in the miniature American Eskimo dog include hip dysplasia retinal atrophy and flea allergy. Another common health problem that affects multiple organs is weight gain if the dog is not adequately exercised.


Mortality of this dog is low, with normal mortality being seen in the last quarter of the lives of the miniature American Eskimo dog. The average lifespan of this dog is about 15 years.


Grooming for this dog is important and ought to be done regularly as the dog has long hair which is not groomed will matt. Recommended brushing interval is at least twice a week and daily when it is shedding fur, though it is an average shedder.


It is said that the roots of the miniature American Eskimo dog is the Spitz family that is also related to the Nordic Breeds as is outlined in the FCI classification of dog breeds. The closest relative known to date is the German Spitz, thought to be the dog that was renamed due to the anti- German feelings that were there at about the time the dog was introduced in America (Around the World War 1) period. The first miniature American Eskimo dog to be registered was in 1913 by the United Kennel Club UKC.